The Best Class Ever...LEAD 2007

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ok..I know..I know...I am just blogging away tonight, right? Well, I'm up editing pictures for a recent shoot, so to take a break, I'm writing on the blog.

At the end of April I finished a program called LEAD Atlanta. It was one of the best experiences of my life. During this 8 month experience I met 40 of the coolest young people in Atlanta.

We were split into 5 groups of 8 and then given projects to work on to help benefit the Atlanta Community. You want to try something challenging? Lock yourself in a room with 8 other "Type A" personalities and see who is left standing!

In the end, we persevered and made it through. My group's project was to tackle Atlanta's issue with best practices not being shared in public middle schools. This was a perfect fit for my interest because I believe that middle school plays a pivotal role in a child's development as a leader.

My group called our project, "Building a Middle School Culture of High Expectations." We worked with four schools in Atlanta, one in D.C. (SEED) and one in New Yok (IS 93).

Members of my team included:

Graham Balch - Consultant, Boston Consulting Group
William Bryant - Field Director, Boy Scouts of America
Molly Chase - Executive Producer, Cartoon Network (TBS)
David Jernigan - Founding Principle, K.I.P.P. WAYS Academy
Lisa Kirklan - Project Manager, Kimberly-Clark
Ross Knight - Owner, ROK Photography
Hiewet Senghor - Executive Director, Southern Regional Council
Kristen Wilhelm - Partner, Southerland Asbill & Brennen

We put our heads together and created a documentary that debuted to over 100 middle school administrators from around the country at the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce. We received sponsorships from Turner Broadcasting, AirTran, Sodexho, and the Georgia Department of Education.

In the end, our documentary was a great success! I felt privileged to be part of such a talented group of people. Here are a few photos, including a picture of the momento (a picture I took while visiting K.I.P.P. Ways) I created for all of the schools involved.



Waneque' Amen-a Christmon said...

LoL You did like three straight blogs in a relatively short period. I am not knocking it. When I used to do websites I would use blogging and such as a break from work. My mother would always tell me that that wasn't an effective break and in order to truly take a break I needed to get up and away from the computer.

From what is seen your friends new home is beautiful. So is your girlfriend and Pineapple.

Your DVD seems like something I may need to add to my collection. I want to get into photography. I never really considered doing weddings outside of the simple snapshots one takes with their own personal camera just for memories sake.

LEAD sounds like an awesome project. I think it is truly important to have such programs through out the US. I personally would be interested to see the documentary

Anonymous said...

You are superb at your craft and an awesome human being. As a teacher educator and former middle school teacher I think Project LEAD is the ultimate in collaboration. So many times those outside of education only criticize instead of actively standing in the gaps in schools. Kudos to you and your team! I would like to be able to share what you put together with my students at UF....will it ever be made available?

Sooz said...

Great Job!!!

Anonymous said...

I have seen some amazing photography, and yet, yours still has blown me away. I love it that you're in Atlanta. I have family there and I live in Virginia,which means youre not too far away for any special events! How did you come to learn photography like this? Your work is absolutely amazing! Be blessed and always encouraged, sincerely, Trinia

PresentOne said...

I just visited your website for the first time, and I would like to say that your light definitely shine thru your work. I am priviliged that I can experience your work, you capture your passion in ever picture. You are the best. I know this is off topic of this blog...but I just had to get that out. Continued success with all you do! Peace and Blessings!

Arlene Hope Photography said...

A LITTLE Poetry for all the Ross-a-aholics like me! Or Knight-Clubbers if you wish.

Poetry by A.Hope Smith

"My Camera and Eye"

I'll write me a picture ,
click me memory,
Snap me a story,
and shutter it with love.

Places everyone,
Light's, Action, My Camera and Eye!

Anonymous said...

Oh Ross!!! You are the best!! I love the pictures from LEAD. I am so glad that you decided to follow your dreams and fulfill your destiny. The class picture is GREAT.

Yours in LEAD. *** I look kinda cute in black and white** (smile)
Your Friend-

LEAD Class of 07