My Very First Book Cover - Calm Hill!!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Last October, I was contacted by a young aspiring author, Quincy Hill (aka Calm Hill). He was almost finished writing his first book, "Walking in the Footsteps of God." What drew me to Quincy's project was his passion for what he was writing and his spirit of service. He wanted to reach the lost generation of youth in the World. We met a few times in Midtown Atlanta and then he gave me the first chapter of the book to read. He told me that he wanted a picture for the cover that made him appear to be leaving his past behind and walking into his destiny. I thought about a few areas to do his photos - Brunswick, GA....Destin, FL...

After some prayer and a weekend of driving, I thought back to a location I visited while in college. Red Top Mountain, GA. I remember the dramatic sunrises and sunsets I used to witness when visiting this State Park. It took two weeks of light studies for me to determine exactly what would be the perfect time for the exact lighting conditions.

When you examine the image below, notice how the sunlight cuts through the clouds to the lake and then glistens across the rocks on the shore. Also, pay close attention to the clothing on the foreground symbolizing Calm Hill's former life.

For photographers: Lighting studies will help when using natural light. You need to think about the color temperature of light every time you take a photo. Is the light cool or warm? What should your white balance settings be? Can using a higher ISO help you to squeeze more light out of the scene? Off camera flash or reflectors (both?)? Some of these questions will be examined in a small seminar that I will host next year.

Author: Quincy Hill
Photographer: Ross Knight
Book Cover Design: Quincy Hill and E.K. Allen Creative (Tyler Perry products)



Unknown said...

a lot of symbolism in those photos, I think you did an excellent job. Spiritually and as a photographer, I an really appreciate the strength of the image.

Mimi said...

can I just saw, I AM IN LOVE WITH YOUR WORK!

because of the spirituality and the love that shows through it. what better way is there to celebrate LOVE than God's way? I REALLY WOULD LOVE TO HAVE YOU WORK AT MY WEDDING, though I dont plan to get married soon.

thank you!!! thats all i can say. and thank God!

Mimi said...

oh yea sorry i forgot to mention i came to your sight through Robert Gray and Keisha Williams's website.

The Re-inventing of C. said...

The picture is beautiful! I like how you put in a lot of thought and prayer in your pictures. I would like to be placed on your mailing list for your seminars. Is it for professional photographers or those that have a super secret desire to learn?

Anonymous said...

I received the email of Robert Gray and Keisha Williams' engagement. I was sooo touched! You have a TRUE Ministry in your photography. Keep operating in what God has gifted and called you to!

Chris "The Work" Craft said...

Great pictures... I'm no expert, but I can see that you have talent... Mareisha told me that you were doing photography now.. so I had to come here to check you out.

Keep up the good work sir.

Chris Craft

Anonymous said...

That photo cover is truly beautiful and awe inspiring. I was tuned in to your website after receiving "Remember the Ritz" via email which touched me in such a way I couldn't control shedding tears. Though I had to call off my engagement a while ago, the way you captured that session made me aware that it is all in God's plan to wait for the one. I always said I would allow an old associate of mine who I once poised for photo shoots for his portfolio when he was up & coming but has now blossomed into a well known photographer to shoot my engagement/wedding photos. Yet I must say after viewing your work I am so in awe of how you capture the pure essence of what you're shooting and the use of natural lighting on top of that... I have done a 180... hopefully when my day comes I will still be able to afford you ;-). Thank you for allowing us in to see the beauty of your work. It is truly inspiring.