What Would You Really Be Doing...? (Re-Post)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

In this fast paced world we all get caught up in the hustle and bustle of every day life.

Your day may involve/go something like this:

Wake-up, coffee (breakfast?), shower, iron, t.v., radio, commute, boss, co-workers, lunch, gossip, errands, computer, email, copier, phone, commute, gym, kids, spouse, friends, dinner, t.v., read, prayer, bed...then 8 hours later...you hit restart.

So I was thinking about this today and wondering, what would you be doing if you had like $100 Million and could do whatever you wanted? O.K. how about $10 Million....

Think back to when you were a child and you had all of the dreams in the world. Think hard! You may need to turn off the t.v., close your eyes, and lay back for a few minutes. What was it? A pilot, Nurse, Artist, Architect, Minister, Race Car Driver, Model, Psychologist, Dancer, T.V. Talk Show host....??? I think you get my drift. Now think about what you are doing now in life...and what caused you to get there. Change in family structure, college degree, pressure from friends and family, money???? Don't get all depressed on me...follow the exercise!

I wanted to take a quick poll of my blog readers to see what is your current occupation (or what takes up most of your day) and what you actually dream of doing. Not in retirement...but right now. And what you are doing to get there??

See...God gives us all unique gifts and talents. Some people tell me that they have no gifts or talents. I never take this as a final answer. I'm not just asking what you like to do as a hobby (or maybe so...as long as this answer is not sleeping!)..I am asking what you know that you are good at. What can you do that would make work not seem like work at all?

If you are already using your gifts full-time or part-time to help others...kudos to you! There is no reason for us all to work 3/4 of our lives to enjoy less than 1/4.

I went through this self discovery years ago (even though I still consider myself to be young). It was when I read the Purpose Driven Life that I really decided it was time for me to accelerate my plan. Reading Robert Kiyosaki didn't hurt either. The time for get rich quick schemes are over!!! If that is the way that God meant for you to live your life...we'd all be on television together at 3 AM with our own program trying to tell others! Or maybe not.

Take time today to think about your God given gifts! Use them to become rich in the spirit and to enrich the lives of others. You will always be able to look back and say that you did exactly what you were put here to do!


KNIGHT said...

Formerly - Engineer/Business Consultant

Current Occupation:
Lifestyle Photographer

To get there:
Faith and a "Life" business plan

Anonymous said...

Current Occupation:
IT Consultant

My Gift/Dream Job:
Public Speaking (Radio DJ)

To get there:
I only have time on weekends right now. I am saving money to make my dream come true.

Unknown said...

Current Occupation:
Guidance Counselor

Dream Job:
Photographer/ photography teacher (collge level)

I wanted to be a photographer since childhood. I am a part-time photographer at the moment. I love my fulltime gig. I don't think it will be as easy to leave it as I thought. I wanted to work as a full time photographer by the age of 35.

To get there:
Save for the proper equipment, advertising, etc.


Auspicious Glamazon said...

Wow. I sooo love this blog already :) I was feeling a little weird today thinking...wow I have this awesome job in Clinical Research-- but I know for a fact God has my life on a path. One that I've been following for 27 years. I want to go to medical school and become a doctor and it's not too late. This blog reminded me of that. Wow. Thank you...

Anonymous said...

What an awesome site! I could not stop viewing the pictures or reading the comments. You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the good work. Hey, maybe you should come to the Bahamas. I would love to see what breathtaking photos you would produce as a result of our rich culture and heritage.

Presently I am a teacher and I believe that I am fullfilling God's purpose for my life at this time and season of my life. I have always wanted to be so many things... news reporter, actress, pilot etc. But, somehow teaching seems to be the calling on my life. I LOVE what I do and I can see a difference in the lives that I touch.

Anonymous said...

I have what others may not think is a dream job, but it is to me. I believe that I am fullfilling God's purpose for my life. As a child, I went through the phase of wanting to be so many different things; doctor, judge, pilot, news reporter etc. Well, at my dream job I am all of these things.

I tend to the sick, try cases, pilot lives, and spread good news. You see, I am a teacher and I LOVE every moment of it. I didn't choose teaching; it chose me. There was such a strong calling on my life and I never really noticed it. But, everyone else around me did.

Your site is thought provoking, beautiful, and inspirational. It is awesomeriffic! I stole that word from one of my students. Keep up the good work. Maybe you should come to the Bahamas. I would love to see what breathtaking photos you would produce as a result of our unique culture and heritage.

I'm not sure if my first comment posted so I decided to write another one.

Anonymous said...

Current Career path:
IT Professional (12 yrs same company)

Event Planning (Comes naturally)

Getting there:
Is the battle... Recently my husband walked into to his "dream job" that involves two driving forces in his life. Ministry and sports and for once, he likes going to work. It's really not work. I know that if God did it for him and for others, he can do it for me. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Current Occupation:
Manager of Database Production

My Gift/Dream Job:
Broadcast journalist

To get there:
I'm too old (39) to start embarking on that dream now. I should not have changed my major in college, as this job is definitely one of those type jobs that you need to start out young. As I am evolving, God is pressing in my heart something else for me to do, that I am sure, is more important for His kingdom.

Anonymous said...

I am proud of you brother. Your work is great and it magnifies GOD; he be the glory of your wholesome self. You truely have a gift from the Creator.

Baltimore, MD

The Re-inventing of C. said...

Current Occupation:
Account Manager (Glorified Customer Service)

My Dream Occupation(s):
To save the world!

To get there:
Prayers, faith, a working plan and more prayers. Going to school for counseling and starting the planning process for a non-profit.

Aspiring_______ said...

Current Occupation:
Training Coordinator for a state agency...

Magazine Editor
Film Director
Travel Writer
Radio Personality

Getting There/Strategy:
Well right now I'm trying to be more consistent with my writing and getting it published somewhere! lol I purchased a digital camera for my birthday and have been experimenting over the past two months. Been praying that I stay diligent and that I will be ready when God sets up those divine hookups. :o)

Anonymous said...

Love your work... love your blog - very positive; please keep it up

Current Occupation: Financial Analyst

Passion: Jewelry Designing

To get there and stay there: Praying, keeping my eye on the goal, sticking with the plan, leaving room for flexibility, not giving up, marketing, marketing, marketing :), being open to constructive criticism and looking back to acknowledge far I've come. Oh, and sleep - I think I need to put an end to the 4-hour sleep thing :)

Ruby, Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Current Occupation:
Budget Analyst

Encouraging and motivating young ladies

To get there:
I currently coach a girls basketball team. We have frequent slumber parties and talk sessions. The relationship and bond we have formed is truly a blessing. I consider each of these young ladies to be my daughter. they come to me to talk about everything! And when I say everything I do mean everything. I am so blessed to have these young ladies in my life. They keep me young!!

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your page by the link to Robert and Keisha's engagement slideshow. I must say that you have given me more to dream and pray for with your photos. I'm currently planning my budget so that I may attain your services for a lifestyle session for my family. Gotta make it happen! Thank you for the inspiration! Now for the exercise...

Current Occupation:
Emergency Operations (Communications)

Dream Occupation:
Childhood (before age 16) - Lawyer
Young Adult (college yrs) - IT Support and Communications
Presently - U Name It! Services

To get there:
Faith and a "Life" business plan.
I currently run a very, very small personal business for consulting and event planning, but I would also like to serve the community with my talents for helping others.
Prayer and blessings will keep me on the road to success. Pray with me.

Ms. Pam said...

Aerospace Computer/Web Based Training Specialist (Full-time)
Web Designer (Part-time)

Dream Job:
Entrepreneur/Internet Marketing Specialist (Full-time)

I believe that there are no coincidences, I got into work today (I’m in Houston) and a friend of mine in Florida sent me a link to your web site. What a wonderful site, your work is awesome. From you site, I decided to take a look at your Blog. It just so happens that recently my career (a.k.a. Day-job) changed dynamics so now, I come to work and just go through the motions. Your post was what I needed to read today, thanks for reminding me that dreams do come true!

Anonymous said...

Dear Robert,
I thank God for His infinite wisdom and how He has encouraged you to 'be' an encouragement to others. I can see the spirit of God in your photographs - such peace (Shalom). Continue to allow your gifts to make room for you and bring you before GREAT men. Enjoy where you are on the way to where you are going and have FUN! Once I obtained understanding of my purpose, (I am a healer, midwife and nurturer), I had no problems in making the transition from my former assignment to my present assignment as an anointed Clinical Massage Therapist. Every day, I touch and agree with my clients for their success and not failure, their victory instead of defeat. We are all pregnant with great potential just waiting to be birthed. All I can say is PUSH and...COUNT IT ALL JOY!
Love Linda
(Fabulous at 42 and still pushing/ Next baby: Harvard Medical School)

Anonymous said...

Current Job:
Health Educator-full-time
Wedding Director-part time

Dream Job:
Public Relations and Event Planning Specialist
with a little radio gig on the side (I love music!!!)

When I was younger my dad always told me I had the Gift of Gab and I just thought it was his way of saying that I talked too much...(but what kid doesn't right). And as I reflect I realize people have always been drawn to me....my mom always says that I can relate to everybody doesn't matter who they are and how old they are...and I agree. But even being told this I never thought about a career in communications or journalism (by the way I love to write)...I always wanted to work in the medical field helping those who couldn't help themselves. So Health Education was a perfect choice until lately I have realized that my creative juices aren't flowing to their full potential. I love Event Planning and I do it for the hospital that I work at from time to time and I have planned dozens of events for family and friend but it's not what I spend my days doing, which is the reason that i'm able to participate in this exercise

I'm currently trying to merge my God given talents and my education to help better the people in the communities around me....Thanks Ross you are AWESOME and so is your gift!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is so cool....(Prayers from Duet 1:11 to you all!: "The God of our father will make you 1000 times more than you are and bless you and give you what He has promised you"
I received a link to the enfamous Robert and Keisha engagment show from a friend in Philly. I moved to Tampa approx 14 months ago with my plan A job (health care company). I finally got a chance...made the time...to actually view the show. AWE INSPIRING! Oscar, I was so taken by the images. (and I couldn't even hear the music so I know that's a treat in store)
When I read this DREAM blog I said "YES!!"....other dreamers...I feel at home. So, on with the exercise:

Current Occupation:
(ft) Business (pt)Analyst/Business Developer
~ To be a mother, wife and biz woman of supernal character
~Completely job optional by age 26
~Spa owner (a plush, chic, sassy and sophisticated experience)
~founder of an internationally known wellness center that will become a cornerstone in inner-city neighoborhoods around the globe
~Develop (at least) 8 streams of income by age 30
~Help people (esp women) feel completely blessed about who they are and provide outlets for their encouragement and development as women of God

To get there:
a "Life" business plan (I like this. I've not written one and I think I should). I currently am a business owner and also working on developing my spa. The Godly character is being built more and more each day.

Anonymous said...

Current: Construction Project Manager

I would rather live my passion (photography)

Van Cole

Anonymous said...

BTW, Great website, photography and blog. I love things that make me think and reflect!

Current: Higher Education Mid-level Administrator (asst. dir.)

Future Occupation:
College Professor of Marketing/Bus.
Motivator/Mentor for young female teenagers
Freelance Writer
Own a PR/Marketing Firm

Road Map to fulfilling Purpose & Passion:
Writing and teaching are my God-given gifts. I have tons of poems, stories, and essays that I have written since childhood; thinking about getting them published.

Currently, I am getting a Master's in Counseling and I am over the young girls auxiliary at church. Within two years, develop an interactive & progressive self-esteem workshop for young girls.

With much prayer, finances, & resources I will get my Ph.D. in Marketing and open my business before I am 40 (got 12 years to do it).

Anonymous said...


Current Occupation:
Director of F&L Day Care Centers/ Business Consultant with A-1 Consulting

Perferred Occupation:

I honestly had to take time to think about this, I love business consulting and I love working with the children in the day care. I grew up around these businesses all my life. It just seems natural to flow in them when I was old enough to. But what would I do if I didnt do these? Well I would travel to as many places I could, I would study customs, cultures and languages. I have always been drawn to learning about people and expriencing them for what they are. I know that my traveling would consist of a level of ministry because thats just in me. I love people and desire to share what has been so liberally given to me by God.

To get there:
I would agree it will take faith, determination and a continuance of working hard to get there. But you know though it may be hard its far from impossible

KNIGHT said...

This has been great to read everyone's comments. I can't wait to see everyone achieve their life's dreams. That's what it's all about! Let me know if I can help...


Anonymous said...

I just got the engagement photos July 11 & looked at them over and over. My husband was an outstanding romantic and would have given Robert many props for following through!! God has blessed you with a great talent in photography - keep using it for the glory.

Current Occupation: Senior Clinical Research Consultant

Dream Occupation: Writing, Photography

To Get There: Pray for confidence courage and vision, step out on faith & believe. Set aside fear of failure.

... said...

You know, I have been reading your blog for well over a year now, maybe two, but this particular blog just spoke to me and I had to leave a comment!

Current Occupation:
Unemployed...but still praising God!

Dream Occupation:
Being a missionary across the world, freelance writing about my travels and doing photography. Along with that being a communications director for a non-profit.

To Get There:
Well, I have taken a missionary preparation class at my church, so I will put in an application next year!

I try to blog regularly to keep up with my writing! I should look into some freelance opportunities though.

I already own a great camera that doesn't get used like it should. I would love to go to an Experience Knight Workshop in the near future!

I am steadily applying for non-profit jobs, but why not make my own while I'm at it! I don't see any limits to what I can accomplish as long as God is in control!

Thanks for typing this blog!!

Anonymous said...

Current occupation: pharmacist

Dream job: model :)

Gift: helping people

Plan: on good days, help people understand the importance if medication adherence and disease prevention

Mac said...

Student :In pursuit of an associate degree in Computer Science
Part Portrait/Lifestyle Photographer

Current Occupation/Dream:
Family Counselor(Churches,schools where ever)
Full-time Portrait/Lifestyle Photographer
Graphic Designer

I always wanted a job where i can help people. i love helping people i love to see the smile on peoples faces when someone has help when others are in need of help the most. I love to see to the their smiles and right now that the joy i find in photography .

To get there:
I am working on it by saving money to be equipped for the job . Having a good support system, a"Life"Business plan and Faith. With God's grace I will get there

Brandi Brandon Knight said...

Just like many of the blog readers, my husband Ross is an inspiration to me as well. He knows that I am currently planning the next step of my career and don't know where to turn. Babe, I thank God for all those late nights because they turn out blogs like this.

Current occupation:
Postdoctoral Fellow in Breast Cancer Research and teaching fellow

Dream Job: I used to think I was scattered brained/cookoo for having so many dreams of things to do, but after reading these posts today, I see that more is better :)
1. Wife and mother
2. Teacher and mentor
3. Movie critic or editor
4. Food critic
5. Interior designer
6. Breast cancer educator/researcher
7. Maternity and newborn photographer

To get there: Prayer, listening and understanding how my aspects of my life already incorporate those things listed as my dream job (earlier post by Devona opened my eyes to that..thank you).

Hope you all have a wonderful day.

~ The Dr. Mrs.

Racquel Simone said...

Current Occupation: Project Coordinator III

Dream Occupation: Master Makeup Artist with My own Cosmetics Line & Author of Multiple SUCCESSFUL books.

To Get There: I currently freelance for Shu Uemura cosmetics and do my own freelancing for weddings, life events & photo shoots on the side. I also started a beauty blog for more exposure. Would love to go to makeup school in L.A. but funds are an issue, so I have some saving to do. I also started attending multiple networking events and word of mouth has really helped my business. Continued prayer, faith, wisdom, having my financial house in order and writing my visions will be how I get there..oh yeah, and the favor of the Lord!

HennHouse said...

Current occupation:
Mom (full time)
Marketing Communications Specialist for a major public university (part-time; this is my job so that I can go home and do my real work)

I like my (out-of-the-home) job, and I really love my work with my three special needs kids. When they are grown, I would like to become an ASL interpreter and a writer.

To get there:
By faith, one day at a time.

Anonymous said...

Current - Chemical Engineer(Full-time) and Photographer.

Dream - Full time Photographer

To get there:
With prayers, finances, & resources and a great business plan I will be a full time photographer next year.

Glitter said...

Current Occupation:
Correctional Officer (10 years)

Dream Job:
Jewelry Designer

To get there: I've recently taken a leave of absence to fulfill my dream job & with family support and GOD it has been awesome! I wake up happy everyday to begin my new job, and I hope to officially quit working in Law Enforcement.

clo said...

Current occupation: Bank Manager

Dream Job: Travel photography and lifestyle photography

To get there: Prayers, faith and trust that He knows what is best for me. Also financial planning to transition to the next level.

mimi said...

Current occupation: Systems Engineer

Dram Job: ?????, but I do know Systems Engineer is not it.

Ross, I need help!!!

Deewonda said...

Current job: Staff Assistant with consulting firm.

Part-time gigs: Mary Kay consultant, photographer

Dream job as a child: To be the first African-American comic book publisher. I have about 10 characters I had copyrighted in 1980. Haven't drawn like that in years.

$100 Million Dream: Quit job, purchase dream home and furnish it (lol!). Buy my burnt copper and black Harley-Davidson VRSCAW V-Rod motorcycle, get it customized for me to be a comfortable ride, get luggage and bags for it. Get a helmet, leather riding gear, boots, load the luggage up with clothes, my laptop, camera and lenses and ride a "Lower 48" -- all of the continental United States. Then ride US Route 1 to Alaska and then fly my bike and gear to Hawaii. All the while recording my travels to make a book to pass on to my children and grandchildren showing them how there is nothing that they cannot accomplish if they truly desire it.

Deewonda said...

Current job: Staff Assistant with consulting firm.

Part-time gigs: Mary Kay consultant, photographer

Dream job as a child: To be the first African-American comic book publisher. I have about 10 characters I had copyrighted in 1980. Haven't drawn like that in years.

$100 Million Dream: Quit job, purchase dream home and furnish it (lol!). Buy my burnt copper and black Harley-Davidson VRSCAW V-Rod motorcycle, get it customized for me to be a comfortable ride, get luggage and bags for it. Get a helmet, leather riding gear, boots, load the luggage up with clothes, my laptop, camera and lenses and ride a "Lower 48" -- all of the continental United States. Then ride US Route 1 to Alaska and then fly my bike and gear to Hawaii. All the while recording my travels to make a book to pass on to my children and grandchildren showing them how there is nothing that they cannot accomplish if they truly desire it.

Anonymous said...

Current Occupation:
SR. VP of Marketing for a Record Company

Dream Job:
Creative guru a la Martha Stewart, B. Smith, etc.

To get there: 2009 relaunch candle company Sydney Lane New York, then move to crating other home accessories. Also advertise my creative invitations and announcements.

Anonymous said...

Current Occupation:
Preventive Case Planner

Dream Job:
Owner of a mentorship program dedicating to helping young girls of color. As well as an educator.

To get there: Recognizing the negative energy in my life and getting rid of it in order to do what I was destined to do, which is helping young women of color deal with a lot of the issues that we as a society and culture tend to ignore. Can't get into too much details of what the program will entail, but I'm sure you'll be hearing about it! :)

Anonymous said...

Current occupation: Systems Engineer

Dream Job: ?????, but I do know Systems Engineer is not it.

Ross, I need help!!!

Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Childhood Thoughts:
Pediatric Neurosurgeon

Wife and Scientist, Cancer Research

What changed:
Disliked the lifestyle of a Surgeon and MDs on a whole; would love to have more time at home with my family.

Future Occupation:
Mother and an Administrator at a Health/Science Institute

What am I willing to do to get there:
Mother - we know how that goes

Administrator -
1. Finish my degree May 2009
2. Keep my networking strong and continue to build
3. Become a Scholar in one of the Nation's most prestigious programs, which offers me the opportunity to get the continued education directed towards Policy and Admin
4. Keep faith, love, and hope alive

Neka said...

Student :In pursuit of a dual bachelor degrees in Marketing and fashion design
Sales Associate for a College clothing store

Fashion Designer with a stylish clothing line and a consulting firm to help others to jump start their fashion careers the right way. Plus I want to intern and then work for the prestigious firm IMG World. I wanted to make people to look and feel fabulous in my clothing. Plus I love helping people and also i love to see the smiles on peoples faces when someone has achieved their dreams with my guidance.

To get there:
I'm saving money to equipped the job and networking like crazy . Having a good support system from friends and family.

Anonymous said...

What a great post!

Current occupation:

Dream experience:
To become a NY Times Best-selling author and world renown make-up artist.

To get there:
I just signed with a literary agency, so my first novel is being shopped around. I am in the process of writing novels #2 and 3.

I am a licensed esthetician searching for a job in the make-up industry. Where I live is kind of limited, so I am open to relocating. In the meantime, I freelance for weddings and such to get exposure and more experience.

It has been frustrating not seeing any doors open, but God allowed for me to go to school free of charged. He put the desire in my heart and made a way I never imagined. He allowed for me to have free time in order to finish my first novel. He allowed for an agent to call and offer representation. It's up to me to just trust and believe that He has a plan that will succeed.

brran1 said...

in college for Civil Engineering

Dream Occupation:

To get there:
Well, with school taking up so much of my time, I haven't really had much time to really delve into Photography the way I want to. I'm still in the process of figuring out how to fit it in my hectic schedule

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh there is rarely anything outside of a scientific journal that holds my attention....but I can appreciate truly inspired art and writings so after a long night at school I decided to just relax today and I "stumbled on your blog

I wanted to become the female Ben Carson, or maybe an architect.

I am Currently Research Scientist, HIV and Oncology Research

What Changed: Experiences in life fosters the direction and the ultimate path you take as an adult. I think my passion changed, I still appreciate medicine and I still appreciate forms, lines and textures.........but I think I am more "purposed driven"

Future Occupation: I am passionate about women and children Issues, I see me in Health Policy Administration. Becoming a champion for their cause.

I intend to achieve this by remaining faithful to God and allowing Him to continue to direct that path...Complete this degree sometime in 2009 (say it with me somebody it is already done..lol)

The Allison said...

I enjoyed stumbling upon your blog:-) What beautiful work!

Unemployed. Previously a Stage Manager and theatre technician.

What changed:
I've been working 6-7 days/week and haven't had a vacation in 4 years. I got burnt out and need to do something else for a while.

Dream Job:
Open my own restaurant/dinner theatre. I'd also like to start some sort of nutritional education program that would help make healthy food choices more readily available for starving artists and other low-income households.

How to Get There:
-Hard work, listen to the universe as it points me where I need to go, dance and pray.
-Go to culinary school (working on this!)
-Get a job that will pay the bills and save money for more school to earn a degree in Nutrition.
-Work as a Nutritionist for a while.
-Figure out the details of how to get a business up and running when I get to this point...

Thanks for listening:-)

Lisa M. McGainey said...

Ross, you never cease to AMAZE me. I thank GOD for you. I pray that you receive all the he has in
store for you and then some.

Childhood Aspirations: Pediatrican/

Current Occupations:
-Vocational Counselor in a Women's Program
-Professional Bridal Consultant and Event Planner

Dream Job: To be full time in my Business

Plans: Continue to trust in God inspite of all, follow his directions. I recently moved into a commerical location to showcase my work. This did not happen over night. However, it happen a month after God placed it in my heart to take my business to the next leve.
I'm in awe everytime I think about it. Most of all continue to pray and let him lead me, as always.

See Ross - got me going all mushy I can't see my screen anymore.