Baron and Rosa - Two Peas in a Pod

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm on a roll with editing so I thought why not post a few more shoots!

I first met Rosa in my former life as an Engineer/Business Consultant. Don't let that smile fool you, despite her cool demeanor this girl is packing a Master's in Environmental Engineering (no small feat...believe me, I know!). Baron spends the better half of his day helping others (like you and me) to see better since he works at a contact lens manufacturing company. The irony is, Baron has 20/20 vision!

Baron and Rosa first met at an "undisclosed" location by chance and things took off from there. Rosa can be a bit of a tough cookie. I tried to set up a scenario during our photo shoot (contact any previous lifestyle client of mine about this) where she acted like she had met Baron for the first time. Her response was to walk away (ouch!!). OK, on a serious note, these two were really cool to work with. Not too much directing from my end, just love emanating from the both of them. It was so steamy I we all welcomed a little sprinkle of rain that surprised us as we left1!

Baron and Rosa will marry this September in Atlanta, GA. Both have family coming from all over. Rosa's family from Taiwan and Baron's family from Alabama. Can't wait for the wedding folks!!!




Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful work! Captured the couple and the city so well. Very impressed.

Waneque' Amen-a Christmon said...

They are a stunning couple and the setting is very beautiful

Michelle said...

love your work, and have been encouraged by hearing how you are serving the Lord through your work. I'm you edit out the cranes in midtown when shooting in piedmont park? there are so many, and i don't notice any in the background of the photographs.

Anonymous said...

I love the intimacy you captured between the two.


alterna180 said...

ok that girl has really cute shoes! i want them!

KNIGHT said...


I work my way around those cranes. They can be annoying but I typically watch my composition so I can do as little editing/post-production as possible.


Anonymous said...

HEY!!! Those are my shoes she has on... smile. That was my first thought...but anyway, I've been perusing through your site and your blog for about a week now... I'm absolutely enamoured by your work- it's just beautiful and awesome in the truest sense of the word. I can't get enough of it... It blesses me even more that God is given all the glory!

With great appreciation,

P.S. What is the cost of the seminar? email me @