Introducing the KNIGHT Clan - Winter/Summer Edition..

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I've been promising my family these I thought I would share them with you also..

Now on to a few Summer pics...

Hope you enjoyed meeting everyone...



Anonymous said...

You are absolutely the best photographer I have ever seen. My husband and I received the Grey proposal today and were truly mesmerized by the pure emotion that you captured. It made us feel prideful as if you were our own brother. "Keep a goin'". You're about to Blow UP!

Julius and Renee HUff

Anonymous said...

I just viewed the Gray Proposal. I was truly moved to tears. The images captured every emotion imaginable. One would think that the future Ms. Gray is a very lucky woman because she has a man with obvious financial stablilty, but I'm of the opinion that this union is divinely blessed! Mr. Knight PLEASE keep up the good work, and when you capture the images of the weddings PLEASE share with the world!

SerenityLife said...

Wow! Beautiful photos of the family! Man..I cannot wait wait to have you do it of mine.

I just have to get you soon before you blow up and I won't be able to afford you! =)

Anonymous said...

Brother Knight,

Let me first say, you gave me so much joy today. Just by viewing your work of the brother who rented 10 rooms for the woman he loved. I had tears in my eyes.

After that I had to dig deeper into who was behind this blessing which God has touch. You had me ask God for a man/husband like the one in and video and the one who was behind the camera. Blessed and one who loves the Lord. I had to stop and write in my journal to the Lord.

You can see his hand on you brother and what a beautiful family. Soooo much love.

You can't go wrong. Stay lifted and planted. It's a pleasure to meet you and I hope to be blessed to get married one day. I'll be calling you to come to Dallas, Texas.

God Bless you and kiss your parents for me. What a wonderful job they have done.


Anonymous said...

The Gray proposal was AWESOME, that young man thought of everything, and the future Mrs. Gray is a very blessed woman, if that was only the proposal, I can't imagine what the wedding will look like, please share the wedding photos on your site. After viewing that I went on to view other wedding on your site and a I must say you are an Amazing photographer, God has truly given you a gift, keep God first and he will continue to bless you. Oh.. I viewed the knight clan pics, you have a beautiful family.
Have A Blessed Day!!

Anonymous said...

What can I say? The proposal video is Beautious! I feel cheated. : ) You're making us very, very proud. Keep up the good work. I don't have a daughter but if I did I would want her to find someone who thinks like Robert Gray and someone who takes pictures like Ross Knight. My son is not there yet, he's young so there is hope.

God Bless You All

Anonymous said...

Blessings Brother Knight:
I just finished viewing the Gray Proposal (thru my tears of course) and I must say I've never seen photography like yours. God has truly blessed your ability to capture these precious moments. My cousin has been a free-lance photographer for more than 20 years and I must admit, she's no where near as good, excuse me, great as you are. I'm thinking of renting a wedding dress, throw some flowers together and fine a handsome man just to get the pictures before your fees skyrocket (AND THEY WILL).

Hey, keep up the great work. You are a blessing to those people who's moments you've captured. Certainly they will be treasured for a lifetime. All the best to you!

Sunnye (St. Louis, MO)

Unknown said...

I just viewed the proposal video and I thought it was the most beautiful piece of work I had ever seen. May God continue to bless your work.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Visionary; I marveled at your work. My daughter e-mailed the proposal to me and I checked out your entire site. God has blessed you with a unique talent tailored just for you. I'm rejoicing and praising God for your work.As another writer said to you, keep God first and don't hesitate to glorify and honor Him for the things He has done and will continue to do in your life. One last request, share your experience in your blog to a younger generation on what steps he/she need to do to become a visionary in photography like yourself.I know for sure one must love what he does first.What specific major in college to pursue? Stay blessed! K.O.P.

Anonymous said...

Oscar! I'm speechless! I just viewed the proposal slideshow. Breathtaking! Each of your photos are mini-masterpieces, representing true emotions and ideas. Your eye for beauty and detail are truely a gift from God! Continue to walk in His love, truth and faith. May God continue to bless and keep you and yours!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Knight,

You are soooooo talented...I just viewed the Gray proposal and it was amazing! You captured the moments, emotions, roses and people perfectly! I wish you blessings as you will surely be growing in your business, be blessed and keep God first!

Take care,

-Lakeisha from MD (

P.S. Office Space is my all time favorite move too!! as Bill Lumberg would say "ummmmm kay" LOL

Anonymous said...

What compliment can I pay that hasn't already been given?! You are indeed a master at what you do! The rest of us, only benefit from the fruit of your hard-work, dedication, labor of love and God-given insight! God Bless your future endeavours and oh...I touch and agree: ROK to Africa...AMEN!!