Kiva "da Diva" and the Fireman

Saturday, July 14, 2007

ROK Photo does not market for prenatal portraits but we made an exception for Larry and Kiva. They will welcome a young man into the world in about 2 months. I asked Kiva was she hoping for a ball player or future Fortune 500 Executive (secretly I had my fingers crossed for a world-renowned photographer!!) but she answered, 'I want him to be whatever God has destined him to be.' I may be paraphrasing a bit - but this was truly the best answer.

How did Larry and Kiva meet? The story goes like this...Kiva went to the fire department to get her blood pressure checked (hmmm). What do you know? Larry was there working and willing to help out! This shoot started off with a nice bit of rain and thunder but by the end of the shoot the sky was filled with sunshine and beautiful clouds.

Check out the pics below.

Thanks Kiva and Larry for letting us show you that we can make it happen rain or sunshine!




Cyn said...

What beautiful shots! I don't know why, but the fourth one is especially striking.

I found your blog by following links from the AJC article, as many others have, I'm sure. A delightful love story - and incredible photography!

I've directed the other humans in the household to your site (the cat shows no interest, unfortunately), and will most likely post about it in one of my blogs. My daughter (16) is going to be very disappointed about the above-18 rule for your seminars, I fear. I'm sure that she will appreciate the information you share in the blog, though. She has a Canon Digital SLR that's 2-3 years old, and I've been wondering if she's outgrown it - but since I'm completely limited to very basic "point and shoot," it's hard for me to judge.

Thank you for sharing such beauty with us. You have at least one new reader, and possibly more.


Waneque' Amen-a Christmon said...

These are awesome why dont you market this category of photography more?

Arlene Hope Photography said...

I especially like the Frame baby pic. How Nice!


Anonymous said...

I'm blessed to see photography in the most beautiful form--LOVE. From realtionships to the experience of life about to be born. Brother continue with the gift GOD has given you.

Anonymous said...

RK - You have been truly blessed with a wonderful gift!

Kiva and Larry - God has blessed you with this wonderful baby boy soon to arrive and you are both just glowing. I'm so happy for you.


Evette (Kiva's cousin)

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. I think the fact they were done in black & white captures the moment nuch better.It feels like your right there with them.
Beautiful couple.
GOD Bless You!

K. Duprey

Anonymous said...

I love these pictures. The fact they were done in black & white captures the moment in detail.
You feel like your with them sharing this glorious occasion.

Beautiful couple.
GOD bless you!

K. Duprey