Question of the Week?

Monday, July 16, 2007

I was just finishing editing this photograph for a client and I had a thought...

Some of us pray for answers to the world's most complex questions. Others look deep inside ourselves to see if those answers already exist. Still, more of us read to gain insight and increase our overall intellectual capacity. Consequently, we become a source of information for others.

This week, why not connect with an older member from your family or a peer in your circle of influence to explore what wisdom is just a phone call away! What do you have to lose? Well, the real question is, what will you do with what you gain???

- rk



Anonymous said...

Just last night I had thoughts along the same line. So I called both of my grandmothers, one in Louisiana and the other in Alabama. We had wonderful conversations and I received beautiful blessings and words of encouragement. I love my grammies! Tx