Question of the Week?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I had a long weekend of shoots and it took all day Monday to get back on track. I have some really exciting news to share soon! Get ready...just 3 more weeks until the unveiling!!! In the meantime, ponder on this quote and how it might apply to your life...

What would you attempt to do
if you knew that failure was not an option

- unknown

My addition...

What will you achieve
so that
is a better day than

- rk



Waneque' Amen-a Christmon said...

Lol there is so much that I would do! Well there are several things that I am working on in life anyway on a day to day basis. But I would take steps to speed those things I am working towards up.

For example I am two years behind on my degree because I went off to Bible College at the end of my Sophomore year of college. My major is international business. I know so much about business because of my family. I would test out of those two years of courses so I could get my degree sooner, as opposed to starting them back up in Septemeber.

There is so much I would do to much to even try to type out here. But I would make every minute every millisecond a productive one. Each passing moment helping me to achieve one of my seven sets of major goals for my life.

Latrice Furlow said...

I would pack my bags to head to MA for Photography school.

That would be so wonderful!!! I am slowly working on me so that my tomorrow will be better than before

Anonymous said...

Finish Grad school.

Today I will achieve a little better organization for a better tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

I have asked this question on several first-days-of-class in the university classes that I teach. I get answers across the spectrum but, the most compelling ones are ones that deal with the human connection, like getting and staying married, or being a great parent....for me I would walk more boldly in my God-given purposes.

Anonymous said...

Today I will Invite God into my life, soul, mind, spirit, heart, and body. Thanking and praising him for all that he has blessed me with and all that he will continue to bless me with. Today I will celebrate my birthday will no regrets with family and friends. Thanking him for today, letting go of yesterday, and allowing him to let his will be done in my tomorrow!!!

Chari said...

Most def something to think about!