An Amazing Story - South Africa

Monday, August 20, 2007

My friend, A. Hope Smith, sent me an amazing story today. It truly blessed me and made me even more excited about my upcoming trip and first book that I will start next year. I will spend the entire month of November 2008 traveling throughout South Africa to photograph traditional weddings and religious practices! I am still praying for the funds on this one.

To read a little about my book - click here

To view the Amazing South African story - click here

- rk


Anonymous said...

Thanks to A.Hope Smith for sharing. And we will definitely be praying that you (Mr.Ross and the future Mrs. Knight) will be able to take this journey.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross, I have not been able to connect the link to the Amazing South African story. I wonder if anyone else has this problem. Can you give the web-address of link it again? I am going there in August 08, and would like to read all I can first. I enjoy reading your blog also!
Thanks A Bunch,

KNIGHT said...


Copy and paste this link into a new web browser:

Are you using a pc or a mac. The movie is in Quicktime.