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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

During an interview last month, I was asked - What is the most important lesson life has taught me and what advice do I have for others trying to achieve their fantasy?

As if I haven't given you enough to read for this week...this was my response:

Life has has taught me patience and I am still learning. Patience and having the maturity to recognize "your time" is of the utmost importance. Many times I have struggled with decisions with fear of not knowing the outcome. I know that life comes and life goes. Some obstacles cannot be avoided but I want to make sure that I live my life to the fullest until my time ends.

The world does not consist of only you and your community. There are over 6.5 billion people living today. It is inappropriate to be close-minded to other cultures and what effects you and your words have on society. With this said, be humble, be earnest, and do not burn bridges with anyone that you meet. You never know when someone is watching you that can take you to the next level and will be part of your ultimate success. Whatever faith you are a part of, stay true to yourself and seek guidance in meditation. Sometimes if you separate yourself from the reality of your present situation or discourse, you will find there is peace and hope in your dreams. Follow those dreams until you dream no more. Hopefully by then, we will all be living in eternal bliss.

- rk



Shellye said...

I do agree you life is fill with patience and understanding. For the most part, an individual has to be open minded about life to accept all the rewards of life.

Unknown said...

My philosophy is that life is a warm bowl of mac 'n cheese and you must savor the little hotdog pieces cause that's what your momma puts in there to make it special.

cheers! =)