The Early Days...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Ask any photographer...well, ask me...and you will find out that one's photography interests typically come and go in waves. This has happened to me a few times. Next year, I am taking on less wedding assignments so that I can focus more on my photojournalism interests, expanding the company, and my first book.

During my earlier days of photography, I took a break from "people photography" to shoot landscape for about a year. When I started shooting people again I was scared...yes..scared!

Below are a few images from when I bounced back. I was really out of wack, with both shooting and editing.

For beginning photographers
: I decided not to re-edit the images below. You should notice a few issues with the images - incorrect gray scale values, over saturation, and incorrect exposure.

I'll explore more of this info during our workshop next year. For those of you who have already signed up, you will be receiving your confirmations shortly. We are finalizing some last minute details concerning location. The first workshop will most likely be in late March. Thanks to an overwhelming response we are thinking of adding three to four more classes of 30!

Enjoy viewing some of my early work or cry with me as I reminisce on "what in the world" I was doing!

- rk



Anonymous said...

Ross, I'm interesting in seeing some of your landscape photography. Do they consist of sweeping vistas, turbulent waves, peaceful panoramas, perhaps urban cityscapes....?

As a frequent visitor to your blog, I've come to recognize your signature style when people are the subjects but can't seem to visualize how this might translate into a ROK landscape. That would be interesting, indeed!

I'm curious.