Morning Stretch - thought for last week and this week too...

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

"Morning Stretch" - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

(it may be hard to tell from the size of the picture but this man was about 70 years old, seconds after I took this picture he finished stretching and took off running down the beach...the dog went running with him...i was caught off guard staring at the beautiful scenery and another man running in the distance who was picking up trash with a spear in his hand...i could not keep up while wielding my camera - lucky composition and lighting - with the mountains and clouds in the background and the morning sun creating natural highlights on the main subject and casting shadows of both subjects to the right - definitely adds interest!)

What can we learn from this picture (what did I learn) - even in a perfect situation, if you are not ready to be proactive and are only reactive - your next opportunity may just pass you by!?

Don't get so caught in the moment that you miss your next blessing.

- rk



Chris and Faye said...

this picture is so captivating. i almost can not believe that anything in this world is THAT beautiful