experience KNIGHT! The Workshop Countdown

Thursday, February 7, 2008

1 Day until experience KNIGHT!

I am so entirely excited about our workshops coming up this year! The February class has been selected and I'm anxiously awaiting the arrival of our out-of-town visitors. We have two days full of back breaking, mind boggling, temperature rising....ok just kidding. I had a few of you going for a minute there. But seriously, I've worked non-stop for the last few months to transfer all of the information stored in this brain of mine to pen and paper. I feel like I could write about 7 books and still have info left to send you people home with. My workshop coordinator had to pull the reigns and hold me back from going a tad bit insane and maybe driving you there also. So make sure to thank her by email or when you see her at the workshop. She has really been an angel.

I'll tell you this much, I just wish I was able to attend a workshop when I was first starting out in photography to hear some of this stuff. Its like taking your photography skills and business into warp drive (is that a word - Star Trek maybe??). We're talking shooting, marketing, business, editing, life, commitment, passion and a special little equation I like to call "The KNIGHT Formula." You'll have to come to one of the workshops to hear more about that. Its been copy written since its so hot!

By the end of our workshop I am looking to send some passionate and inspired individuals back into the field of photography with a reconditioned vision and mission.

Our next two workshops after February are in April and July. May sound crazy that I would put these classes right in the middle of a busy wedding season but these folks will get the added benefit of seeing my updated images from this year. And what a year its gonna be!!!

If you are still interested in attending one of our workshops, the application can be downloaded from the original post below. Or just email us at: workshops@rossoscarknight.com

Attention April Applicants: Your acceptance letters should have arrived already!

Attention July Applicants: Your letters will be next!

There's only 15 spaces per class. If you were not accepted do not fret, we may possibly add another class before the end of the year or a space may become available due to conflicts with other applicants.



At last, the details for the experience KNIGHT Workshops have been released! Workshop registration is now open. Sweet!

We've had a great response and are ready to get this show rockin'...

We'll be in Midtown Atlanta at a cool posh location, we'll have a personal chef preparing lunch, we'll have an evening networking social, we'll have some time outdoors, we'll have numerous surprises, but most of all we'll be learning all about photography, business, and marketing - from the KNIGHT perspective. Three workshop dates for you to choose from but only 15 spaces available for each workshop. So get your application in early (by October 19th to be considered)!

View Information here:

experience KNIGHT info

experience KNIGHT registration

Download Information here:

experience KNIGHT info

experience KNIGHT registration (fillable word form)

If you have any questions or problems with the download - email us at workshops@rossoscarknight.com.

I look forward to seeing you there...

- rk



Unknown said...


This is a beautiful thing that you are doing - sharing your knowledge. As you know, most successful photographers wouldn't do the same. This workshop will be wonderful. You will probably be full by the end of the day!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr.Ross, My name is Kritien Kilpatrick. You are heaven sent to capture true beaty and love. I hope your around when I get ready to marry. That was one of the most breath taken seans I have every watched. It was worth it. Good Luck I will see you one day for my wedding.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,
I am new to your websight. I want to say thank you because you truly have a gift. I am a manager of a bank and I have been trying to figure out what I REALLY want to do. I live in Chicago and always look at the beauty of it as if I am taking a picture, sometimes in the car through my camera phone! I have always loved photography but have never thought of experiencing it on a different level. I want to learn and I will try to get an application in for one of your classes. Your work is excellent. I also think it is great that you are teaching "the package" so people can truly be successful.
Excellent job,
Be Blessed!

Anonymous said...

The photos of Robert Gray and Keisha Williams (Remember the Ritz) left me speechless and in tears. I look forward to your book on African wedding rituals and customs. I will definitely purchase a copy. Namaste,
Kelli G, Atlanta

Anonymous said...

Mr. Ross

A friend of mine e-mailed me the Robert Gray and Leisha Williams engagement and I watched at work and my co-workers asked me if I was okay because I had tears in my eyes. That was so beautiful. I watched more of your work and I'm speechless. Your are blessed and you have found your gift. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your website and the gorgeous photos. You are a very talented and gifted photographer. By the way, you remind me of my young son Victor, so a big woo hoo for your genes.

Anonymous said...

Greeting Mr.Knight
My name is Junia and I'm a beginner photographer and I wanted to know when is your next workshop. I would really like to attend the next one. You should come to Tallahassee sometime to share your talent, we're not too far.

Unknown said...

I am waiting on pins and needles to see if I will get to be a part of your workshop even if I am not I have been truly blessed by your work that I have seen.

Unknown said...

Greetings! ROK, I just wanted to let you know that I selected you as a feature on my page "A Tribute to Black Men..." Your images have moved me and have inspired poems, dreams, and awakened hope. Thanks for sharing your talents with us.

I'll come back and post the link.