KNIGHT meets Pencilworx - Vision and Mission at Work

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Remove your glasses (physical or mental) and look beyond yourself to see with your spiritual vision. You may be surprised how clear your mission truly becomes." - words by KNIGHT

That's not what LaVon Lewis ( asked me to take pictures of about a month ago when we sat down for lunch to meet about his upcoming corporate portrait session. The statement came to me at about 10:45 AM yesterday as we were ready to enter the second phase of his photo shoot. A self-proclaimed corporate identity/branding guru, LaVon has worked with several major companies in the U.S. and won countless awards for his portfolio of work. When we first met, I saw something amazing in him. Something I saw in myself. Our meeting reached a point where we could no longer find the words to describe the visions we had for future projects. Our hands raced to keep up with our minds as we transcribed ideas on paper.

So as I photographed him on yesterday, the words at the top of this blog entry resounded over and over again, however, the sky was overcast and the humidity was high. I even folded up my external light and stand and put them away opting for natural light instead. I was totally ready to call it quits if a single drop of rain fell from above. Again, the words whisked through my mind. Suddenly, the sun casts an amazing tunnel of light down the deserted alley where we were shooting. Call it luck, call it a dream, I call it the Creator at work. Vision and Mission unfolded right before our eyes.

Here are a few images from the shoot below.




Anonymous said...

That is so the season that we are in. Remove the glasses and see in the spiritual. Awesome pics of course Knight

Anonymous said...

Great photos!

Ruthie said...

Hi Ross, my friend sent me your site and said that when they read your blog they thought of me. i said 'ok' and had a look. i really like what i have seen and read. your pics are amazing (as you probably hear all the time) but the thought and inspiration that i see in your work is truly your ministry. i hope you don't mind but i'll now have to add you to my site list to check out on my blog. As an artist i have always loved photography so thanks for doing what you do. i now have a new blog to read and enjoy. Blessings.....

Anonymous said...

This is the most beautiful arrangement I've ever seen. Mr. Knight, you really are very talented. Keep up the good work.
Peace and blessings,
Eric K. George
(Los Angeles, CA)

Anonymous said...

The engagment video is so touching, I've shared this with many of my friends, to believe, one day we will be able to share our wedding day. : -)

LaVon T.