Eric & Nadja - Barbados Wedding - Part 3

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Next I decided to shoot from a distance. The sun was just right at 4 PM to create great back lighting.

The most amazing shot (image #7 below) to me was after Eric and Nadja exchanged vows and rings a beam of light remarkably cast through the clouds right between the couple. I adjusted my camera hardware in the nick of time to snap that shot! My favorite by far. It was as if.... well let's just say it was very extraordinary.



Latrice Furlow said...

I must say that I love the one where they are smiling at you as well as each other. They are all awesome.

Anonymous said...

You are ridiculously amazing!!! There are not enough words to describe how beautiful every single picture is. You are talented beyond measure. Even though I have many friends and family members who are photographers, I will call on your services whenever I get married!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photos!!