The KNIGHT Shoot Out!

Monday, October 1, 2007

You're probably thinking what in the world does the title above mean?

Typically during the hustle and bustle of a wedding I have about 30 minutes after the ceremony to do pictures. 50 portraits have to be completed at lightning speed and by the end of the evening I find myself wishing I could take just a few more shots. Every once in a while, I take a break to do some of my own photography work. No boundaries, no assignments, no schedules, no rushing, just me shooting with my own creativity. What a release!

For this Shoot Out I enlisted the help of a few folks that I will affectionately refer to as Team KNIGHT.


So after three hours of lighting research, two hours of hair and make-up, a trip to my friend Phillip for flowers, a tank of gas, two google maps and a few glasses of orange juice - we were off.

Lessons learned:

1. Beware of menacing wind close to large buildings - you, your equipment, or your model may just blow away.

2. I know more people in Atlanta than I thought. During lighting research downtown - I had about ten people yell my name from three to four lanes of traffic away.

3. Orange juice does not make up for a full breakfast, even if you are running off of adrenaline.

4. If you make your own veil for a photo shoot, try doing it the night before the shoot instead of the morning of.

Now on to the pictures!

Creative use of over-exposure

Framing the subject

Antique lovers

Graceful light filtered by trees



Anonymous said...

Good to see you and Raschelle being so successful, both doing what you love. This is Vince Dillon from PHS and Tha House sending a shout out. Great photos, and I hope to one day be able to use your services dude!!!!! Stay blessed.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, as always!

Attorneymom said...

Your work is awsome. Today, I posted the link to the Robert Gray/Keisha Williams Proposal on my blog. Keep up the great work.

"The Blog Where Hip Hop Meets Scripture!!"

CHA CHA said...

You take adoring photos, where were you in March..LOL