Steve and Demetria - The Twinkle in Our Eyes

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Recently I shot an engagement session for Steve and Demetria at the National Cathedral in Washington, D.C. Wow is that place amazing! I arrived an hour early to take a self guided tour.

It was a bit cold during this shoot so I had the couple to keep their jackets handy. To warm and loosen them up, I had the couple recite some very interesting vows after me. Now that was hilarious if I must say so myself! In no time I had Steve and Demtria out of their shells and completely focused on one another. I love capturing the special twinkle in the eyes of lovers. It is something that is unique to each couple.

In the images below, you will be sure to see the love and affection Steve and Demetria share. I am looking forward to shooting their wedding next year to capture more of their intimate moments.

Additional - I'd like to send a big thanks to my lead assistant for the shoot - my future father-in-law. He has supported my passion for photography over the past 3 years and it means the world to me. This is the first shoot of mine he has attended and he did a great job getting lenses and helping during light and composition research. I love you man!!



Anonymous said...

Ahhhh...they are sweet.

Anonymous said...

It is totally amazing how you do those back lit shots. I need to learn so much more about shooting.

Anonymous said...

Oh they are magnificent! Gorgeous! Do I get a set? I've been showing them to everyone at work. They're adorable. Young lovers...awwww. Great photography.

Anonymous said...

gosh every time i see this, i almost want to cry....the pictures are so beautiful.

Book said...

This is so Classic

MunchYz.S.I.C said... is great!!!