30 Years and Still Going Strong

Thursday, December 6, 2007

James and Loretta can be a testament to us all. After 30 years of marriage these two are still going strong and laugh enough to make you smile even in the worst situation. They decided to renew their vows this year in Woodbridge and have the wedding that they've always wanted. The site for the reception was the coolest - The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria. James has been known to win a few dance competitions around town but his daughter stole the night with an inspirational dance that would make anyone emotional. One time she jumped so high that I lost her with my camera. Luckily, my trusty assistant was on the job shooting from a higher position close to the stairwell.

Congratulations James and Loretta, you both really rock in my book!!!



K* said...

Ross, you ALWAYS capture the emotion of the moment... thats what I admire and will attempt to do! Blessings!

Suite B said...

I had to leave a comment on this blog for a few reasons.

Reason #1: I found this page while I was searching for photographers for my upcoming wedding and even after I saw that you were in Atlanta I had to keeping looking at this site because your photos/works of art are great!

Reason #2: I remember seeing this guy with a camera during my 60 mile walk while I was in Atlanta. I remember laying down at the pit stop and watching talking to you (i think it was your father-in-law) while you took pics of your loved ones as they came into the pit stop.

Anyway your photos are amazing and please keep up the great work your work should admired by all.

Anonymous said...

ross!i can't wait until my parents see these pictures!( they are at a redskins game right now :)). i can't even imagine the whole package. i am sure with every photo you were able to capture not only thier bond but, the love that our whole family has for each other. you and your fiance were so wonderful...just to let you know, both my sister and i will be seeing the both of you again at our ceremonies....so, snap..snap! lol! once you are in with the haley's...you are in! also, from one artist to another....continue to paint the world with your spirit and your gift, it is Gods will! thank you for being you :). we will see you both soon!...

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Honestly, when I saw the groom, I thought he was the couple's son! I was about to send an email to ask if he was single(laugh). They both looked great and radiant. Keep up the good work.

Unknown said...

I love photo #3, classic photos. Great job as always