Happy Birthday to My Younger Sisters - The Twins!

Monday, December 10, 2007

May not look like it to you but these two are twins! They were also two of my first models when I was about 10 years old running around our house with a camera. They have both matured into beautiful women and it's their special day today.

Happy Birthday - S & S! I told you these days would come!!

note: Only they would know what the S's mean.



Unknown said...

Awww thanks Ross III!!! You are the BEST BIG BROTHER!!! Love ya'

Anonymous said...

i was forwarded The Ritz engagement which was dated April 2007 and you know your photography and the words of the song have moved me to tears, the day before i was feelingvery down and away from God and a vision i had many years ago was God holding a bunch of flowers in His hand and He pulled out one flower which was had picked for me, so we i saw this it had bared great significance, knowing that Gods love is the best, God has given you this gift, treasure it, excel in it, use it also to Glorify God and never deprt from it. xx