Perks of the Job - How Sweet It Is! A Shoot for the Hungry Peach.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Last week I did a photo shoot for The Hungry Peach.

Let's start with the menu:

- Stacked Cobb Salad
- Filet of Beef on a Bed of Asparagus Drizzled in Crab Buerre Blanc
- Oven Braised Salmon in a Lemon Tarragon Creme Fraiche
- Chocolate Mouse Cake in a Creme Anglaise Spider Web

Now with that type of menu, who would turn down this shoot. Certainly not I.

Personal Chef Suzanne Vizethann prepared all of the food and watched me closely as my mouth watered while I arranged my lights. You may remember Chef Suzanne because she also prepared the food for my proposal dinner. Her services are great for private parties and daily meals. She'll come right to your home with food for the week!

After the photo shoot I had the privilege of eating all of the food!!! Just check out the look on my face on the last picture.



Unknown said...

You are WRONG for not sharing! I am so hungry after looking at that Stacked Cobb Salad! I might need to call her.

Anonymous said...

That looks yummy! What's her name again!?!?

Anonymous said...

Wow Ross . . . you really captured that food. I'm really (really) hungry now! You're so fabulous!

Unknown said...

I loved seeing the behind-the-scenes shots. Nice work as always

Maryee said...

Lawd that food looks soooo good!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross did you use a macro lens for this shoot?

KNIGHT said...

Breck, I believe I used the 24 - 70, on second thought it was a 50mm. Not a macro.


Kim said...

OMG that food looks sooo good. great work!