Friends, Family, Fun and a Farewell

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Hanging out with friends last week, we said farewell to a very special person to me.

Back in 1999 an overzealous Morehouse student was seeking a career in Electrical Engineering. After a failed interview attempt and some advice from a friend, he went back to the drawing board. Instead of staying in Atlanta, he went to Huntsville, AL and worked for NASA and then to Toledo, Ohio and worked for a summer in the automotive industry (GM Transmission Plant - 3rd Shift) to diversify his background in Engineering. He wasn't ready for the big leagues yet but in 2002 it was a different story. He exercised patience and finally had the experience under his belt and the business/engineering acumen to match. Good thing his friend was still around...

If you are wondering, that student was me.

People are placed in our lives for a certain reason. Some for a season and others for a lifetime. I am glad to have some lifetime friends that have watched me grow and I, in turn, have watched them do the same. They know who I am talking about and I hope reading these words lets you know the special place you hold in my heart.

Here's to all my friends in your quest for personal, professional, and spiritual development! May all of our steps continue to be Ordered in the direction that will surely lift us all as our natural gifts propel us to future success.

special note: if you are wondering why I am always wearing the same hat for the last month in every picture, its my hat of the moment - given to me by my older sis. with love.




Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog postings and pictures. You really encourage me. Thank you and God bless. kharris

Mad Mellie said...

Ross, you are such an eloquent writer. Thank you for making this farewell celebration special for all of us. Your pictures are fantastic as usual. MOwens

Ms. May said...

Wow, I see Tyeise! Hope all is well with you Ross. When I tell you that my life is also a perfect example of steps being ordered, I am not exagerating. God is good.....all the time!