Dr. Cornel West - Makes Me Reminisce

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

On Monday I had the pleasure to photograph Dr. Cornel West at The Home Depot Headquarters and Morehouse College (my alma mater) in Atlanta. The events were sponsored by The Home Depot and Hidden Beach Records. I was captivated by Dr. West's speech which seemed to resonate through my camera right into my brain! He is awesome. I can't believe how creatively he can answer questions when thrown at him at random. What I truly respect about Dr. West is his spirit of service. Every time someone tried to give him anything - like water to drink - he was pouring water for others first.

I truly had to reminisce for a while when I first arrived at Morehouse. 11 years ago I sat in the narrow seats of The Martin Luther King Chapel with 3000 other young men and my life was forever changed. I was inspired week after week by amazing speakers from around the globe and like-minded men who were committed to changing the world. And here I am today, making my mark on the world through images that tell stories as seen through my eyes.

Enjoy the photos below...


Dr. West and Mark Hayes (Fox 5 - Good Day Atlanta)
Marvin Ellison (Home Depot), Bernice King, Charles Whitefield (Hidden Beach Records)
Robert Franklin (Morehouse President), Dr. West, Dr. Beverly Tatum (Spelman President)



Anonymous said...

What great pictures!

Robert said...

Thanks again for the photos as you continue to teach,

Anonymous said...

Truly awesome; the experience and the pics!