A tribute..from The Cross Poet

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The transmission on my car went out today and looks like I am going to start looking for some new wheels. I sure did love that Honda and the gas mileage and the $0 car payment coming up.

Just as I hung my head low, inspiration came from one of my blog readers. I received an email today from a young lady who definitely turned this rainy day in Atlanta into a sunny one for me. She goes by the name "The Cross Poet." She recently wrote and emailed me an article that included several men she is honoring for Black History Month.

The article includes words about her father, her brother, her man, Lamman Rucker, Saul Williams, Djimon Hounsou, Idris Elba, Ross Oscar Knight, Martin Luther King, Malcom X, Roosevelt Bouie, and G. Garvin.

Here is a copy of the article: © 2008 The Cross Poet

And here is the link to the full article.

Cross Poet, I am truly humbled by your words and thoughts. You are a wonderful writer and a unique individual. Thank you for blessing me today.



Teka-Ann Haynes said...

I hear that! And I support it too. Great idea, great choices, great writing.

She really wrote you up Ross! :) I love not only what she wrote about u, but how she wrote it. And best of all, its true.

Definitely a day-brightner

6:10 Creative said...

I wholeheartedly agree with all that Cross Poet has written. We celebrate you for not only the pictures that you take but the timeless memories that you create. God has definitely blessed the work of your hands and you are an inspiration to artists everywhere. I hope to be one of your clients when the time comes!

-Ashley Hill, 6:10 Creative

Unknown said...

I'm sorry to hear about your car, :-) but glad that I could brighten your day a little! Thank God for small treasures... When you make that first car payment and feel a little down, just re-read the tribute, hopefully that'll help!

Bless You...

Conner Financial Coaching said...

I agree 100%, great article. I have forwarded your site to everyone I know, especially anyone in photography..you are a class act.. and i too LOVE the way you capture LOVE!

p.s. - congrats to you and your fiance brandi!

-Dorethia, Det, MI