Off to Denver I Go...Contemplating My Position

Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm packing and getting ready to head out to Denver to shoot a conference next week. I've never been to Denver so I will be getting there two days early to check out the scene. Also, I have a lot of post production work to do on a few shoots so I will be spending several hours getting all of that done.

After Denver is a proposal in New York and after New York is a wedding on St. John Island and then a wedding in Atlanta.

A common misconception of my clients and enthusiasts is that a photographer travels to an exciting place, shoots, and then its off to the next exciting place...and that's it. In actuality, after the photo shoot the work has just begun. There's hours of editing, backing up files, posting, ordering, designing, correcting, re-designing, sorting, categorizing, emailing and more. Good thing for me is that I have a system in place that helps to keep me on schedule with the assignments and to-do lists. Even further, I remain motivated by knowing I am doing what I was born to do and remain humble that this gift is just that...a gift. During my photo shoots I have learned to let go and let the vision take on a new meaning for me. I appreciate the comments that everyone posts to the blog about all of the unique images and angles, its a really big confidence boost. At the same time, I know that I would be nothing and my photography would be meaningless without the hand of my Father. When no one could see my work because I did not have a website and when I did not have a fancy camera because I could not afford one, the vision was still developing. There was no blog, there were no workshops, there were no plane tickets, there were no phone calls, there were no fans, there was no laptop, there was no car, there was no account, there were no assistants, there was no accountant, but there was bad credit(!). There was me and my faith to grow. To grow into something better than my present position in life. To do something that mattered in this world. And to be free to minister to people in my own special way. In my youth, some tried to force me to minister from the pulpit. That was not my calling. Photography has allowed my ministry to grow and to touch people from all over the world. When I stop and think about it, its quite overwhelming. So instead of stopping I push on to reach higher heights. You may not know me 5 or 10 years from now (or even 30 minutes from now), but you will know that at some point in your life, there was a young photographer that lived in Atlanta that told you his story and it affected you in some way. It motivated you to make a move in your own life towards a better life or happiness. Maybe the story made you realize just how good your life already is. At any rate, just a few thoughts I had on my mind. Off to Denver I go...contemplating my position.

This post was not written for comments, it was written for thought. Presently my own thought. Writing can be therapeutic and transparency can set you free.

Enough for tonight. The Dr. Mrs. KNIGHT is having her official graduation tomorrow morning and we'll be up early. I'll blog you from Denver and include a preview of some of my recent published work in a regional magazine.

Have a great weekend!



Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Enjoy Denver. Gyasi & I will be there the week after. You are an inspiration. Enjoy ur weekend too; you have another opportunity to be proud of your hard working wife. Please do me a favour and post some pics of her graduation. I know she's been trying tirelessly to get ready for tomorrow. Enjoy it and clapp ur hands off for her when her name is called. It's almost graduation time here at Loma Linda too, so Im attending so many defenses and m so motivated (writing a blog on that).

"Writing can be therapeutic and transparency can set you free." God one. True one. Word is bond Ross, and even more so the written one. Blessings!

Deewonda said...

Mr. Knight, I had to affirm your sharing. Your work and your words have impacted the way I photograph and interact with my clients in so many ways and I am a better photographer for it. I give all praise and thanks to God for not only channeling His grace and creativity through my eyes and hands, but for also directing me to one of the most extraordinary, young, gifted and spiritual artist I have ever encountered.

KNIGHT said...

Comments for this blog entry have been purposely not published. Thanks for all of the emails and posts that you have sent.


clo said...

Hey Ross,
I appreciate your blog and your faith in Christ. Although our lives take many different paths and also faith on many different levels, I think it is FANTASTIC how He brings us together to connect and replenish through so many different outlets. I want to thank you for being so open about your faith and your love for Christ! I thank Him for you too as well as a few others that I have met on your blog that love HIM too! Keep doing what you are doing and I will see you in July. Have a safe trip!

Anonymous said...

Ross - the blog was beautiful and timely. Each time I read your blog posts, I am so glad I included you in the "great black men" post because you deserve to be there. My Pastor always says this "I preach the Gospel at all times, and use words only when necessary." You may not be "preaching" from a pulpit, but each time to share your testimony and give God all the glory for where He's brought you to at this time in your life-you are sharing the message of salvation. You inspire me and many others to be creative, humble, passionate, and to believe in ourselves more than anything. I am at a very strange place right now, where it is taking ALL I have to move forward each day, but what keeps me going is knowing that in just three months I'll be doing what I was born to do (law school)... Reading this blog reminded me of that!

Continue to let God's light shine through you!

AKA Cross Poet

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It indeed is the Father's hand continually at work in our lives.