experience KNIGHT #3

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

This weekend I will host the third experience KNIGHT class this year. We have attendees coming from Canada, Anguilla, Washington, California, North Carolina, DC, Chicago, Maryland, and Atlanta! They better be ready for the heat of Hotlanta as we call it. I have revamped the class to include info from my most recent shoots this summer. I'm hyped up for this one!

If you are interested in attending a future workshop, you can find info by clicking here.

Click these links to view photos from the February Workshop and the April Workshop.

Our offices will be closed on Friday and Saturday (7/11 - 7/12).




David N. Beasley Jr. said...

Best wishes with your upcoming workshop this weekend Ross. I learned a great deal from the February class which has truly helped me mature as a photographer.

Arlene Hope Photography said...


Unknown said...

I hope they have such a great time. I gained soooo much from the workshop in April.

Troy said...

Rock it out, bruh....! I'm sure you'll leave them as speechless as you left us in April! Nothing but the best to you!