Interesting Request and A Chuckle - Updated (see comments section)

Thursday, July 24, 2008



Happiest Nappy said...

Flattering? Yes. Bold and with a lot of nerve of the requester? Yes. To get what Ross Oscar Knight does on a tight budget, after auditioning, with samples of work, being able to edit AND with limited time? Start


Anonymous said...

thanks ross. i chuckled too.
this needs to be on some kinda list.

it's a pleasant reminder that your work is hot when...
1. you're listed on an 'i want photos like these' ad

looks like some favor to me.
keep it up.

Unknown said...

That is pretty funny...they used your images an example of what they want but their on a "tight budget". It makes you wonder just how tight is their budget. As a newbie in the photography business, people never cease to amaze me. They want the best of the best but the Photographer usually gets the short end of the stick when it come to payment.

As always, I love checking your blog. You keep it real and I admire your work. Take care!

~ Angelique

Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Interesting. I cant even chuckle. Happy u were able to. Im just sitting here with my jaw dropped open. Bold! Serious stuff. Man/woman with a purpose - close wedding date and then 4 other requirements... Hmmmmm. Interesting - thats the best word I can come up with. Now Im 1/2 smiling.

KNIGHT said...

Interesting but I do know and respect that everyone has a budget.
Correction - at least with the financial planning advice readily available for free on the internet today, everyone should have a budget. For some people a wedding is the largest expense they have ever had to budget for other than
a house, car, or college. Since I just got married in March I fully understand the stress and pressure that comes with planning and paying for a wedding. This brings me to my next point - every business should have a bottom line based on costs associated with the daily operations, employees, and investors of the company. As artists, many photographers shoot for the love of photography only - without giving much thought to profit/loss scenarios. With the
annual rate of small businesses failing (check, I would love to see the figures on how many photography studios that rate includes.

I was asked a question years ago - what would I be doing if I was not an Engineer. If money was no option. My answer was Photography. It is a blessing and a curse to have my photography hobby as a career. The amount of hours I pour into my labor of love on a daily basis far exceed my true profits - even with me raising prices. But overall, I have to use my sound business knowledge to make sure that I can continue to take care of my family, provide a superior service to my current and future clients, and give back to the
community. With all of this said, I respect the person that wrote this inquiry and I am still flattered with the mentioning of my company. It is this level of scrutiny by clients that helped me to grow my business to another level and enhance the services and products I offer. Hopefully, the job mentioned
above will do the same for another photographer growing their business or at least help someone to feed his/her family.

Finally, as if I have not said enough - when a person's flower budget is greater than the photography budget for the wedding...there is a problem. Flowers last for a few days. The memories that I seek to capture will last for generations. Good photography studios run legit businesses with the same
business costs as other corporations. As I strive to Build Community Thru Photography, I also seek to educate the public about what it takes to be a successful photographer and to grow a passionate business without
sacrificeing one’s livelihood.

"...the key is to love what you see."


KNIGHT said...

I really do need to learn to spell. That would be - "sacrificing."


~InfiniteWorth~ said...


Food for 200-$10,000

Wedding cake-$2,000

To be photgraphed by Mr. Ross Oscar Knight................. PRICELESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Often imitated..... Never, ever duplicated!

Rae said...

This is truly an incredible article and a testiment to your talents. The writer clearly recognizes your work as THE mark of excellence but unfortunately can not afford it.

Anonymous said...

You should be flattered Ross. You have definitely set precedence in the photography community.

Unknown said...

WOW....just WOW.

Natarsha said...

All I can say is, you get what you pay for.

Anonymous said...

"when a person's flower budget is greater than the photography budget for the wedding...there is a problem. Flowers last for a few days. The memories that I seek to capture will last for generations." I hear you loud and clear!

Your work is superior to a lot of folks out there, keep loving what you do and everything will be fine. A lot of us out here respect your hustle and your product/service. Great example is that post! Good stuff man...


Anonymous said...

Too Funny.

Save up until you can have the wedding of your dreams which includes Ross Oscar Knight's photography.

G. Paras Photography and Stuff said...

Flattery is the best have arrived yo!

clo said...


Quit Playing...
I have no more words!