Keeping Me Honest - 2nd Quarter Check-up

Monday, July 28, 2008

At the beginning of this year I did a post titled, "Still The Same Source of My Success." During my workshops this year I have continued to stress the importance of setting goals and actually achieving them. Without the stretch goals and business plan that I put together 5 years ago, my goal of leaving Corporate America to become a full-time photographer would have never been actualized.

So to keep me honest this year, I am keeping up with some of my goals (quarterly) publicly as they happen. Wish me luck!

Pray (Every Day!)
I'm getting Married! (Married!)
3 New Workshops (3 Done - 2 additional planned)
8 New Publications (6 Done)
3 New Radio Shows (1 Done)
5 New Articles (3 Done)
1 New Sponsorship (Pending)
Website (Just you wait!)
10 New Countries (2 Done - 4 planned)
1 New Airline (Frontier - Done)
Start 1 New Book (Started)
1 New House?
Breast Cancer Initiative (In the works)
Run 1 Race (or 2)

Shoot w/ 1 other Professional Photographer (2 Done)
Attend 1 Workshop (2 Done)
Re-pot my Plants (TBD)
1 New Camera (Done)
Africa Trip (August Postponed - December Planned)

Feel free to share some of your goals and we will keep each other honest!




Anonymous said...

arghhh! (that was my kick in the butt) thanks for keeping me honest...encouraged and inspired. gotta get on it! goal setting in!

you and the dr. mrs - keep it up!


Anonymous said...

Wow… Ross get out of my head… Charles and I was just saying we need to plan better and follow thru… I’ve been writing a three year plan and so far the writing is very exciting... Next Year I’ll give you a holler so you can see what I accomplish.


Rae said...

This is very encouraging. I've been reading The Success Principals-How To Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be by Jack Canfield and goal setting is one of the main topics of this book. Jack points out that by writing down your goals it forces you to hold yourself accountable. By making your list public that definitely raises the accountability. Good luck and be encouraged.


~InfiniteWorth~ said...

awwww thanks for this post Mr. knight..... well.... to start with....... 1.walking in my calling spritually- done and doing!(I have been called to minister in song and word)
2.Get back into the regular workforce so I can attend college- done. (I started a new job today, my last day of home childcare is July 31, 2008.)
3.attend college- in the works... (Looking into programs that are condusive with my life. I must still be able to be an active mommy and work full time. Bills gotta get paid.)
4.Prepare for my husband- In the works! Letting GOD perfect me everyday!
5. To get photographed by Mr. Ross Oscar Knight..... Hoping for this winter. I really want one of my children and I walking down the street... In sepia!!!!!!!!
Thanks Again.... Looking forward to another post...Yours... ~J~

Toni V. said...

This is a great post--I'm hijacking it for my Facebook page! Thanks.

My goals for 2008 were
1. Quit my job (Done, I left in March)
2. Move to Atlanta (Done, I moved from Detroit to here in April!)
3. Get an apartment I love in the city (Done!)
4. Find a job at a PR agency (almost there, I'm interning part time).
5. Be in a positive, happy relationship (Not there yet!)
6. Become financially stable (Still working on that one!)
7. Lose the weight (Um? It's only July, there's time!)

This is making me feel a little better about what I have done this year, and less daunted about what I hope to do for the rest of it. Yay!


Natarsha said...

Hi Ross! The steps of a righteous man are ordered and God is fulfilling his promises for the goals you have set according to his will. I am so excited for you!

My Goals are:
-To get closer to God (Always in Progress)
-Pray and meditate on his word (Doing it Everyday)
-Be a blessing to others (Always in Progress)
-Read more photography books (Finally)
-Upgrade my camera, laptop, software (Done)
-Take more pictures daily/weekly (Always in Progress)
-Go on a missions trip (Schedule for December)
-Book at least 6 clients (exceeded my goal have booked 20 clients for this year to date)
-Publish an E-book of my experience in South Korea (Pending)
-Step out on faith and pursue photography full-time in 2009 (In progress)
-Seek assistant photographer positions, so I can gain more experience and exposure (Pending)
-Find a photographer mentor (Pending)
sidebar: Ross would you be my mentor please?????
-Start a photography blog (Done)

That is it for now, but I know that it will change later on in the year...Thanks for helping keep me honest! Thanks for doing this it helps keep me on my toes.

Have a great week!


Mac said...

Hi Ross wazzup man . You work so hard , how do u get it done . I would love to have the energy(LOL) u have and to be just as busy as u .

1. Gain a closer relationship with God (doing)
3.Gain equipment for myself(In the process of doing)
4.Better myself in photography(In the process of doing)
5.Do a photo shoot at least twice a week
6.Finish My Computer Course (One more year)
7.Gain a scholarship further studies in photography over seas(Pending)
8.Start studies in photography September 2009 (Pending)
9.Do a photo shoot of Ross Oscar Knight (Pending)
10.Do an Experience KNIGHT workshop
11. Make at least one person smile everyday *smile* LOL
Well that it from bimshire.LOL

Conner Financial Coaching said...

Alrighty then I'm goes....


Launch!! - done
4 Workshops - 2 done
2 Books/Workbooks - planned
1 Website - done
Attend Major Workshop - Summer '09
2 Articles Published - planned
Speaking Engagements - Wrk In Prog
Move!!! - Summer '09
French or Spanish Class - Fall '08