Pastor Shaun King | The Courageous Church

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

It was my honor to photograph my Morehouse Brother and friend who is starting a new church in Atlanta - The Courageous Church. Shaun told me that he usually doesn't take good pictures but I decided to take on the challenge. He and I attended Morehouse together and he had more than his fair share of challenges while in college. I always admired him for his articulation of his thoughts and ability to command the respect of those around him. He just launched the church's new website and he blogs just about every day of his life!

Here's a few images from the shoot.




Shaun King said...


Thanks a ton to you and the crew! You made it easy man. I enjoyed the shoot and can't wait to see more of the shots!

Your Friend,


Antwon Davis said...

Great photos.

I've been studying your work at a distance and I must say you are a "One-of-a-Kind".

Conscious said...

Lion of Judah, I love it!


Natarsha said...

The b&w's are fav is the first the simplicity of it.

Anonymous said...

The site is nice and welcoming. Seems like people will have fun at The Courageous Church learning about the Lord.