The Peace That Surpasses All My Understanding

Monday, August 25, 2008

For about a week now I have been in deep contemplation. So much so that I have had several individuals ask me if I am in a world of my own. The answer is, no. Sometimes I may appear somewhat absent minded but the truth is I have been carefully reviewing this year, the future of my family, and the future of the business. I am still learning to implement work/life balance. That's a constant struggle and something that is always on my improvement list.

For many of us artsy people (who will likely agree) new ideas don't always come at 9 AM - like I am writing now. Some of my best business ideas and new artistic improvements come at 3 AM or just before a shoot. My wife seems to think that it has something to do with REM (Rapid Eye Movement) but when I am at rest I tend to get these amazing thoughts for taking life/business to the next level. I have the need to write down these ideas immediately because the fleeting thoughts are usually gone if I wait.

And so the peace that surpasses all my understanding for me is how I have been able to still operate recently with such calmness in spite of adversity. Four examples just yesterday:

1. Maturity. I received a call yesterday that a recent publication failed to include my proper credit for Ross Oscar Knight Photography on one of my images. Most people would be outraged. I used to be. Instead I am thankful that I have been prepared for these issues. Because of proper legal agreements and through my maturity in business I didn't bat an eye. The situation will be worked out with a mere phone call.

2. Preparedness. Yesterday I had an engagement session to shoot. The weird weather patterns of the storm lurking in the Gulf Coast have caused Atlanta to have an hourly toss up between sunshine and rain. We were supposed to start shooting early in the morning but the rain started pouring. No problem because for years I have always come to a shoot with at least 2 - 3 alternate locations should the weather go bad, colors be out of wack, lighting not be ideal, clients be uncomfortable, etc. (experience KNIGHT Workshop past attendees know what we call this). We had an amazing shoot and I found myself extremely happy with the beautiful images I captured of the couple.

3. Technology. After two years of nearly perfect operation my 17" Mac Book Pro is in need of serious maintenance. I pretty much work that sucker to death. Yesterday the computer had some issues that I really wanted to fix on my own. I soon realized that I needed to take it to the professionals. I'll admit that I was bummed for a while and resorted to watching the closing ceremonies for the Olympics but I ended up using one of my two other machines. I can always keep up with my clients' info because of my insistence to back up weekly and the additional computers in the office. An important note - you should not build your business on Technology Accelerators alone (another workshop topic). For more on this topic check out the book, Good To Great by Jim Collins.

4. Patience. Its no secret from the Quarterly published check up that the Dr. Mrs. and I are looking for a new home. We went out yesterday to look and everything we saw was like twice as much as we could afford. Wishful thinking - maybe - will we get there - absolutely! Our trip to view homes forced me to think that in this current economy and housing market decline we are so blessed to have our current home and to live comfortably with all of our basic necessities. What God has for us will be for us and I know that patience will move us to the next level in our lives together.

The biblical lesson that continues to nudge me is - if you can be faithful over just a few things you will be blessed with even more abundance. If you can be content with your current blessings, the people that "need" to be in your life, and where God has already brought you from - your faithfulness will be rewarded.

I understand that so many of you have been able to go back to January 2007 on this blog and watch my growth as a man, a business owner, a husband, and as a servant. Some have known me even longer and remember the birth of my business in 2003 and the tremendous growth over the past five years. Whatever the case, thanks for reading and praying with me. To my clients (past, current, and future) thanks for allowing me to be myself and for not being judgmental just because some of our beliefs differ.

Have a great week and remember to give thanks.



HennHouse said...

Your gifts far surpass photography. Thank you for sharing a snippet of your personal journey.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Hennhouse. I came in just for a peek and received much more than I was prepared for but exactly what I needed.

I am so happy for you and Dr. Mrs. like you were my family. I have seen the growth in the past year. Thank you for sharing each moment with us. I pray that God continues to use you both to encourage others.

clo said...

Rossssss.... that is great. I love when you have "reflection" blogs. God speaks through you and the words always fit just right. You are a mentor and now I consider you and Brandi friends, God sends gifts like you ever so often as a reminder of His greatness. I will be here for you as many others will as we grow on the path that He has prepared for us!
May God Bless you my friend!

Conscious said...

Ross, there is nothing more beautyful about life than being able to look back and recognize just how far you've come. You constantly challenge us (your readership) to do the same by your awesome example.

Keep pressing towards the mark of the high calling thats been placed on your life. In all things, give thanks.


Anonymous said...

Feeling down today somewhat. Your blog gave me just the UPLift that I needed. In gratitude.

Rae said...

I am a regular reader of your blogs because they inspire and encourage me. God has blessed you with the talent of photography and he is using you to minister to many thru this talent. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How timely a comment as I've been going through a challenging time preparing myself for the future by letting go of old habits, redoing my finances, learning to serve with a gracious heart & it seems like with all the hard work I've done, the pieces aren't falling together. Thank you for reminding me to be thankful for my current blessings & not to focus on what I could have or wondering why I don't have but focusing on what I have NOW & being happy for that.

Thank you Ross!

Natarsha said...

Wow! Thanks for sharing your insight. I was studying Proverbs 3 this morning and when I read Proverbs 3:13 (Blessed is the man who finds wisom, the man who gains understanding...) it made me think about this post. May the Lord continue to be with you and the Dr. Mrs.

Many Blessings,


Darcita said...

Ross, in Philipians 1:3, it says " I thank God everytime I remember you". I really do thank God for you and the way that you have inspired me in the short time that I have known you.

You are so real and honest, your humbleness is such an example to me:) I know you are far from perfect(sorry) and the Lord is still grooming you, but be encouraged that your life is such a testimony to me and i am sure to others.

In only 29 years of life, you have been able to impact people in such a positive and selfless way. I will continue to pray for you and Brandi, that the Lord will continue to expand your territory and bless you abunduntly. I pray that one day, I will meet a God- fearing man like you.

Have a blessed day Rosh:)

Nee said...

Many people think that success is measured by how many cars you have, how many houses you have, how many digits you have in your paycheck. I think you hit it on the nose by showing that real success is determined by understanding what is really important in one's life: God, Family and your Passion. When I am having a tough day at school/work, I quickly think about those three things and realize what is important to me in my life. Side Bar: Luv the pic w/ the nephew..Supercute!!

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Very wise thoughts and observations from such a YOUNG man, but it also shows you how much GOD has grown you too. Wisdom does not always come at 50 or 60+.

Through this medium, you are providing a mentoring relationship for some other young man .. you may not have even known it.

Just so you know, I am blessed EVERYtime I stop by.

Traybay said...

I've been feeling a litte down today and I believe God whisper to me "Go check out Ross page, he's got something for you" and you did! Thanks God (and Ross too)

Troy said...

Dude, I am tripping because each day I visit your blog in nervous anticipation of images from your most recent shoot. I see this entry, scroll down to find the pics and, of course, there aren't any. Bummed...? Not exactly! Intrigued...? Absolutely!

Ross, you have a way of articulating your experiences that makes us all want to be better, to live better, to seek the best within ourselves and each other. I appreciate you for having the courage and wherewithall to share your most intimate thoughts and feelings. So many young black men view expression, such as these, as signs of weakness; well, they couldn't be more misinformed. Good stuff, man....I appreciate you and the self reflection that you inspire me to observe. You challenge me to be a better man and I am thankful that I have you in my life inspiring me to be better!

Xiomara said...

I love reading your blogs....your words are always inspiring. I look forward to reading everything you put down on your blog. You give me incentive to push forward and to continue to be faithful and patient. All things come in time. Thank you!!

Angel said...

I have to say, you are truly an inspiration for me. When I need to slow my day down and clear my head I come here. Your photography and the way you share you thoughts and feelings have a way of making me take a step back from everything and reflect. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and to the others who visit your blog.

Anonymous said...


You are truly an inspiration. I know I've said this to you many times before, but after reading this posting...I have to say it again. Your positive outlook even in the face of adversity (whether big or small) is one that I hope to adopt as my own career continues.

Making a business out of your creativity is a daily challenge and it's easy to lose hope when you are just starting out. It's a comfort to see how you've grown and know that it IS possible--with faith, endurance, and commitment being key along with personal sacrifice.

Thank you for sharing. Your words are more encouraging than you know.


Thank you for sharing.

Renee said...

WOW.. Mr.Knight thanks so much for your honest post . I have discontented of late . Need to appreciate more....yeah . Thanks again . God Bless.

Deewonda said...

Ross, I agree with Clo and Troy especially. Daily, I eagerly anticipate your wisdom as much as I do your photographs. Taped just below the monitor here at work where I read your blogs and view your work is this: "Whether therefore ye eat, or drink, or whatever ye do, do all to the glory of God." I Corinthians 10:31. Ross, you and Brandi so embody that verse.

Thank you for, again, sharing your wisdom.