Uncle and Nephew - Two Cool Cats

Friday, August 22, 2008

My new official name is "Rosshh" according to my little (big) nephew. I was working on a college project in Alabama this week and I took time to visit with some family. When my sister and I arrived at my nephew's daycare he came walking down the steps. The first thing he said was, "Hi Rosshh!" I was like whoa. When did you start putting words together? Sweet! Then he was ready to take part in his favorite activity - eating. I bought him a hat from my closet to grow into but looks like he already fits it. He also already had shades ready to match his uncle. He's got to be a future model - check out the way he flashes the eyes, shows the lip, and completely outshines his old uncle. Did I use the word "uncle" enough for you. Yeah, I'm proud! We spent time doing all of the fun stuff that I wish I had time to do during my work day.

1. Rolling a ball back and forth to each other

2. Playing cars on the bed

3. Wrestling

4. Reading

5. Eating again

What more could a boy want in life?



Rae said...

He is adorable. Kids are so sweet and have such a special way of just making everything feel right. Thanks for sharing him with us Uncle Rosshh!

Mac said...

He is so sweet . Reminds me of how big a nephew is getting . I see u guys had a blast . I wish i was a kid . No Worries Be Happy

Teka-Ann Haynes said...

Sooo sweet. He's such a cutie

Troy said...

Good stuff, bruh! He's a gem! But be careful....that stuff is contagious! Something is definitely in the water! Believe that!

Anonymous said...

You two are really cute together. Are you getting the bug to have kids? Sounds like it!

Anonymous said...

He is the cutest thing!! I want to squeeze those cheeks!!

Xiomara said...

How Precious!!!

Anonymous said...

He's the cutiest baby in the world guess how i know? Bcause he's my grandson.Thanks Ross for the beautiful work that you create.It's very memorable.

Anonymous said...

Ok! Can we say JUICY!!!!?? He is too cute...oh my goodness!! I want to squeeezzzzeeee him.

You were in Bama? You must have been in the Huntsville! LOL

Love your work!

So...when will you and the Dr. Mrs, have one? Smile