Billy + Kristina - One Image That Explains It All

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I know that you are used to pictures of the bride, shoes, dancing, or big emotion for my "One Image That Explains It All" blog, but for this edition its all about the groom. Billy planned the majority of the wedding himself and he coordinated the events of the wedding day! Now how many grooms do you know could pull that off successfully? He was one cool dude as he issued marching orders from the shower and remained collected in times of uncertainty. I think this one image represents the day well.

When I first arrived at the hotel I saw this shoe shine stand and knew I wanted to shoot there. Just before photographing the bride I met with Billy to complete his portraits. We stopped at the shoe stand but unfortunately it was unmanned for about 30 minutes so I thought quickly to make the composition work anyway. I used the "Will Return" sign to our advantage as it represented how relaxed Billy was and in control of his time. Check him out taking a breather to catch up on world events, political news, and his current stock prices. In case of any small fires (problems) he needed to handle, he even had a fire extinguisher handy. Priceless!

More images from this beautiful wedding soon...



Anonymous said...

This is the perfect picture for Billy- I am so glad to see you chose a photographer with crazy creativity and can be artistic! Can't wait to see ALL of the photo's!!

Love Sarah

Anonymous said...

love this! cool, calm, collected, tuned in and an extinguisher in his back pocket if necessary. what a message!

safe travels and great times!

Natarsha said...

Oooohhh! Can't wait to see the rest of the images.

Christopher said...

Very neat idea!