Cal + Dana = The Coffee, Climbing, Cuddling, Couple

Friday, October 24, 2008

Cal and Dana first met at The Sweet Water Brewery in Atlanta. They found so much in common that they are now engaged! The couple will marry next fall in New York.

It was cold early this morning when I arrived for the shoot so I stayed in the car for a while. We shot at the park in Atlanta where Cal proposed. Anna Beth arrived before me and found a huge wandering great dane that she was determined to rescue. Anyways good thing I decided to get out and check for Cal and Dana - they were hiding behind the columns of the gazebo where we were supposed to meet! Well they weren't actually hiding, I think they were staying clear of the cool breeze while sipping hot coffee to remain warm. I let them keep their coffee for the beginning of the session and I even incorporated the cups in the opening shot. Cal rose to the occasion when I asked him to climb a tree and Dana jumped higher off the ground than any other person I have ever photographed (check the last pic).

The sun came out during the shoot so I moved the couple frequently to find the best lighting for the different compositions I wanted to capture. My favorite composition is the shot of the lovebirds on the small pier with Midtown Atlanta as the backdrop.

Enjoy the images below.




Anonymous said...

This was a great shoot - the images look fantastic and the fall colors work great with their clothing! It was great working with the two of them! - Anna Beth

Natarsha said...

I am lovin' the last shot. I also love the one overlooking the pier.

Anonymous said...

The shot with Atlanta buildings featured in the background is very nice!

Christopher said...

The last few are really a lot of fun. Makes you feel a part of the shot. Cool.

Darcita said...

I am loving the feet touching..

Lisa M. McGainey said...

Did I mention I NEEDED to book you for my future engagement/wedding photos? RIGHT NOW!! Great job -