Have A Great Weekend!

Friday, October 3, 2008

I don't know how she (Brandi) does it but someone has to listen to me ramble all day about photography. And she actually looks genuinely interested. This photo was taken by my younger sister a few weeks ago when I was still designing the new website. When I ran across this picture on my Facebook account I remembered that we were both off that weekend. Not this weekend though. I will be shooting a wedding tomorrow and an engagement session on Sunday. Then its off to New York and Dallas. Whew!

Have A Great Weekend!



Anonymous said...

Love the new site!


Mac said...

Thanks Ross, sending these greetings right back at ya. Enjoy the work this weekend . Blessings

Darcita said...

You have been blessed with a wonderful help mate and friend:)Enjoy your weekend too!

clo said...

Both of you have a great weekend and safe travels to you!
Many Blessings!