I Love New York (and maduros)!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Every time I go the city I have the best time visiting friends, shooting, shopping, and getting used to riding the train (we have the worst public transportation in Atlanta ever!).

Anyways, one of the reasons I love New York is because it seems that no matter where I am staying I can find exactly what I want - food that is. And the city never sleeps so it doesn't matter how late I'm up editing. I can still get a great meal at 3 AM.

Before I left last week I was craving plantains and just so happens that a client I met with took me to Havana Central. The first thing I ordered - Maduros. I hope that I didn't embarrass myself with how quickly I ate them!

I'm headed back to New York between the wedding in Anguilla and the trip to Ghana. It should be an extreme temperature difference but it will be the first time Brandi and I will be in NYC together! Suggest your favorite place for us to visit and we'll see if we have time to check it out. If not, I'm booked for three weddings in New York next year so I'll make sure to get there!



Troy said...

Burning the candle at both ends again, I see! Nice images man! Love the menu shot....24 - 70mm?

So you know, I have my task force working to get me a list of to die for restaurants in NYC. Where will you be staying...Manhattan? So I know what type of proximity you and the Dr. Mrs. will be dealing with. Get up with you soon!

Eliana@BYSE said...

NYC is amazing!!!!!!!!! LOL ok I am Biased.

Anonymous said...

If you're into frozen drinks, you've got to try BBQ's ("bee bee cues"). They have any and every flavor margarita, daquiri and colada you can think of. Virgin or non-virgin, their frozen drinks are awesome! The food and prices are great, too. I'd compare it to a Chili's or TGI Friday's with a more limited menu. The best location in my opinion is the one in Manhattan on 3rd Ave btwn 71st and 72nd St.

Anonymous said...

Hey Ross and Brandi.. I stopped by to check out the blog. It's been almost a year since you guys shot our proposal and I was feeling nostalgic. Hope all has been well.
You must get to Negril's for some authentic W. Indian food (you gotta try the Roti... excellent) There is a location in Chelsea, but I suggest the Negril Village at 70 W. 3rd street btwn Thompson and LaGuardia. Then head downstairs for some dancing!
Enjoy the trip!!~ TnT Nutritionist

Anonymous said...

Correction Ross - it's btwn 72nd and 73rd St! Check out the link:
www.bbqnyc.com Enjoy!

mpcphotography said...

Ahhh NYC...gotta love the city! Some of my favorite places to visit in NYC include Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, St Patrick's Cathedral, Greenwich Village, Ellis Island Museum, Little Italy, the Brooklyn Bridge, and Tom's Diner (I'm a big Seinfeld fan so it was mandatory that I go here)! :) Enjoy!

fyahbun said...

I am torn between Shot #3 and #4. If I had choose though, I would pick picture #4 (Shy guy and girl). The little girl seems like she has finally gotten through and the little boy knows it. Great pictures all around:)

Haili said...

I suggest you go to Maroon, a Caribbean/Soul Food fushion restaurant in Chelsea.

244 W 16th St
New York, NY 10011
Neighborhood: Chelsea
Cross Street: 7th Ave
Public Transit: 1, 2, 3 @ 14th St | A, C, E @ 14th St

KNIGHT said...

Haili - A good friend of mine (Eric whose wedding I shot in Barbados) tool me to Maroon back in February. I was in New York shooting a proposal. The food was great! And the service!!



Anonymous said...

Blue Ribbon Bakery but get a reservation first...