Jelani + Chonita = A Dream Come True

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

When Chonita and I first spoke by phone and discussed her life story I knew that I wanted to be part of her wedding. She has amazing courage that has been strengthened by her relationship with Jelani. Fate brought these two together and after many challenges they now have a miracle baby that adds so much joy to their lives.

I was in great anticipation of this engagement session and I'm glad that we chose to shoot near their home in New Jersey. The park had a small zoo, playgrounds, bridges, name it. Everyone is bringing their kids to the photoshoots these days and I love it! We parked the little guy in his stroller and he watched as mom and dad practiced for the big day.

I am traveling with Jelani and Chonita to Anguilla this December to shoot their wedding just before I leave for Africa. The wedding will be an intimate sunrise ceremony followed by a beach party! Wait until you see the custom invitations she sent her guest. They are awesome and show how much detail she's put into the planning for the special day.




Christopher said...

The 2nd shot with dad pressing his nose against his sons head is awesome.

Unknown said...

I love the shot of her kissing his nose and him tugging at the tree...Genius!

Xiomara said...


nicolelennox said...

I love the ones with the out of focus backgrounds! (focus on the shoe and then the last one) I'm just starting to play around with this technique and these are great shots! It feels like we JUST so happened to catch the couple doing what they do.

Unknown said...

Great job Ross. You continue to inspire me with your wonderful work.

Lady A said...

Man, it has been a hot minute since I checked you out. Hope all is well with you and your family. I see I have a lot of catching up to do with your blogs. Your skills are sharp! Keep it up!