Robert + Adria - Cincinnati, OH

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am shooting in New York right now but here are the images I promised from Ohio last week of Robert and Adria. During this session the lighting changed frequently. We started shooting and it was cloudy and windy. By the time we finished a few shots the sun came out and we had a light mist coming from the fountain. Still, we managed to enjoy being downtown and performing for the audience of onlooking people. Adria coordinated the colors for the shoot perfectly! Check the last two images to see how their son stole the show. Robert (5th Season DE w/ the Cincinnati Bengals) and Adria will exchange vows early next year in a southern wedding that is sure to be a stunner.




Unknown said...

Very nice Ross!

Unknown said...

Very nice Ross!

Trish said...


You truly captured the love that these two have for each other… in spite of the weather.
Great photos!


Natarsha said...

What a beautiful couple! There son is so adorable. Awesome work!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! They are both so gorgeous and their little boy's beautiful.