Tonight - KNIGHT in Search of Light (for beginning photographers)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Today I was editing for so long I felt cross-eyed. All of the colors on my computer screen started turning into little spots similar to the spots in the image below that I shot while making my way home.

Brandi called me to pick her up from an outing but I still had about 15 minutes to burn before she would be ready. So I gave myself an assignment to look for future locations to shoot with my clients. No assignment for me is complete without a set of guidelines. That's the structure coming out of me! So here it goes:

1. Find five locations in ten minutes

2. Shoot with only one hand in manual mode (tricky...hmmmm...) and only one lens

3. Can't get out of car to shoot

4. Scene must have at least two light sources

5. Light sources must have two different color temperatures

6. Landscape and horizontal orientation

7. 3-mile driving radius

8. Must be able to place a future subject in exact scene

9. Don't get arrested

10. Pick up the Dr. Mrs. on-time

Here are the results.

Can you see the infinite possibilities for these compositions? Share some of your thoughts with us!

Giving yourself assignments and making yourself accountable will help you to grow as a photographer and as an entrepreneur. Its all about your drive and finding/making time even when there is no time. During a photoshoot you have to be prepared and anticipate the unexpected. As a photojournalist it is critical to become comfortable being proactive and reactive given the situation or your changing environment. Make sure to honor your clients and prove your value by knowing where to photograph them and when. Research your location and make sure to have an alternate just in case. The Key Is To Love What You See! Your hard work and determination will show through the finished work and years from now your clients will still marvel and the art you have created for them.

Now go find the Light!

- KNIGHT (2009 KNIGHT Workshops)


Simi said...

Wow Ross your shots are amazing! I am so going to do this assignment!

KNIGHT said...

Simi - I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that you would be the first to respond! Can't wait to see your shots on the forum.


Unknown said...

i'm going to do this. ha! I always complain about lighting. Thanks for this.

KNIGHT said...

Make it happen Courtney! Looking forward to your shots.


Troy said...

Dude, you are killing me! I am in awe of your ability to shoot these images with one hand in such low light conditions and having them come out so sharp. Incredible! One more week of coaching and my time is all mine, well, almost all mine, except for the youngin'! Can't wait to get started!!!!

KNIGHT said...

Hey Troy - it's about time you put a camera in your son's hands.

I can see it now...Troy Stewart and Son Photography, Inc.


See What Eye See Photography said...

Ross you leave me speechless. Thanks for the CHALLENGE. These are amazing shots with only the light as the subject. Can't wait to see who you put in them!

Darcita said...

Hey Ross, this sounds cool... I am going to try it! I must say though, that under the stairs shot is HYPE! Are you sure you got all of those shots from sitting in the car!!!! Do you have to be seated the entire time?

Deyon said...

I love your work. The pics are wonderful man. They are saying something.

Deewonda said...

Now that's an assignment I can work with! I'm on the bus and see these locations everyday thinking I can remember them! I was told that the shortest pencil is better than the longest memory. Let me make that the fastest camera being better than my longest memory. Good homework assignment!

Latrice Furlow said...

I am going to attempt this challenge. I hate that I have not been working with my camera near as much as I need to. Thanks for the "nudge" in the right direction.

Anonymous said...

Went to the Obama rally last night in Virginia. I wish I had read this last night. Taking night pictures are difficult.

Dana Walters said...

love the assignment. my favorite shot although very hard to choose because they are all great is the 1st image posted. All of these images show that the simple things in life that are always overlooked are very beautiful. GREAT inspirational work and I can't wait to try this out.

Stay FOCUSED said...

OK, I tried it out tonight and maybe got 2 that I like. This was difficult of course to do, because I did not have a tripod set up. Do you have image stabilization in your camera and lenses?