The Working Man - Coffee Shop Blues

Monday, October 20, 2008

Mondays are usually my day to take off but not today. Too much work and too little time. I'm sitting in one of my favorite coffee shops right now tackling my list for today.

Now here's a real day in the life of KNIGHT.

Prayer first, then:

1. Client meeting.

2. Small impromptu shoot.

3. Edit two shoots and download 2000 images.

4. Refine logo.

5. Blog post.

6. Coffee to pick me up (soy please!)

7. Burn images to DVD for back up.

8. Answer two phones at the same time and type text.

9. Fix internet network connection.

10. Magazine interview for bridal magazine.

11. Download more images.

12. Add images to website.

13. Student interview for psychology class.

14. Categorize and resort images.

15. Clean desktop.

16. Gym.

17. Meet with graphic designer and beginning photographer.

18. Meet with card designer.

19. 3 Contracts set.

20. Reformat cards.

21. Managerial accounting update.

22. experience KNIGHT update.

23. Post to online forum.

24. Check on the Dr. Mrs. and then Mom and then little Sis. in college.

25. Hmmmm...dinner?

26. Buy a new hat.

27. Marketing materials update.

28. T-shirt design.

29. More coffee.

30. Get gas.

31. Clean work area.

32. Clean lenses.

33. Unpack from Dallas trip.

34. Publish blog.

35. Call former college friend.

36. Return texts.

37. Return emails.

38. Wedding planner calls.

39. Investment property renovations update.

40. Thank God for giving me the strength and mental stability to keep going!

Now that's for starters and its just 2 PM EST. Wanna trade jobs???

I wouldn't trade my career for the world! I love photography and all the craziness that comes with running a small business.

p.s. I was supposed to get a massage today....not!



Anonymous said...

First time responder but I have been stalking your blog for a while now. I am greatly impressed.

So much so...I want to be like you when I grow up (lol)

I wish I could put notes on the above picture (like Flickr) because I want to know what everything the external hard drive connected to the laptop.

anyhoo... You are a Fabulous Photographer and I am so impressed that you put God First in every task!

Darcita said...

Whew.. brotha.. that is a lot in a day!!!! I will pray for strength..that seems intense, but you know if I wrote my list about my day..I am sure it would be the same!

Anonymous said...

Infinite endurance, my friend. I love the new logo!

Dawn said...

Hello Ross,
I can't even imagine all that in one day! I was tired for you just reading it! I truly pray for God to continue to give you strength.

This is my first time responding to your blog, but I literally come to your site and check your blog EVERYDAY. You are such an inspiration and a blessing. I am a photographer here in Chicago, and it does my heart good to see how God has bless you, and to see how you have become a blessing to so many. Your work is awesome!

My friend is coming down to your December session, and I am so excited for her. She began working with me about 4 years ago and has become a wonderful photographer, she loves your work as I do and I am so glad that she will have the opportunity to do the Knight Experience.

May God continue to bless you and Dr. Mrs. Knight.

KNIGHT said...

Thanks Sonia!

KNIGHT said...

Dawn - its great to hear form you for the first time. Maybe we'll see you at a future workshop too!

KNIGHT said...

mary - thanks for your comment today.

Natarsha said...

Whew! I will be praying your strength and that you are able to get some rest. All this sounds so exciting though...I am looking forward to all of this one day! Keep up the amazing work.

Mac said...

Wow you do alot in one day .
Have fun

Brandi Brandon Knight said...

Yes you are busy and do I know! Yall should ask what his nights are like.

It's a shame that I am #24 on the list. :) I'm glad that I now know where you get all these new hats from...

The Dr. Mrs.

Anonymous said...

This list makes me want to hyperventilate!

Anonymous said...

I have to say I make it a point to stop by to admire your work. Your photography in my opinion captures life for that one second so that the world may enjoy it and take notice.

This list reminds me of my own day. In a small way seeing someone else go through it each day and continue to have strength gives me reassurance that I can do the same. Especially making my own personal transition in life

Continue to become greater..
God Bless