Yesterday in Dallas - Reaching for HOPE

Saturday, October 18, 2008

This post is dedicated to everyone that has attended my Workshop this year.

I'm shooting a wedding this weekend in Dallas. At the rehearsal I did some location research to decide where light would fall best during the late afternoon ceremony. This is my second trip to the location because I know light changes at different times of the day, different seasons, different cloud cover, different temperatures, different humidity...the list goes on and on.

Its extremely important as a photojournalist to use all 5 senses to guide you in what to capture. While shooting near a pond I faintly heard children playing in the distance. Knowing that I needed a long focal length lens to get close from far away - I was happy my camera was already loaded with my telephoto zoom (soon to be prime).

Enough technical talk. I took a series of photos of the kids playing. This one picture struck me out of the group as appropriate to define my life when I was getting ready to leave corporate America and the security of a cush yearly salary. I was truly reaching out for hope and my faith was like those bubbles floating in front of me. If you look closely, you will notice that the bubbles have reflections in them. These reflections along with the size of the bubbles represent the choices I could have made.

Lets look at this more in depth. Everyone knows when you blow bubbles - some of them can pop just as soon as they leave the plastic bubble wand. You don't even have a chance to admire them all. But when you focus on these three bubbles in the image - you may only have one chance to catch just one.

The top bubble is large and has a clearly defined reflected image. Its like a reflection of paradise with the trees, water, and golf course in the background.

The middle bubble is smaller but further away and has the least defined reflected image.

The bottom bubble is the smallest but it has a balanced reflection compared to the other two.

Notice that the child's hands are naturally closer to the smallest bubble but his eyes are focused on the largest [prize].

If he just used his hands to go after the smallest bubble first, then he might have a chance to get to the largest bubble also. The middle bubble is a lost cause and reaching out for it would be symbolic of taking a step backwards in realizing the goal.

What if he lept and swiped all of the bubbles at one time?

Think about this - as an observer I was able to see all of the choices through my lens. Its like I had a silent front row seat to this situation. The child is totally unaware of my presence in his life at the moment.

God has our best interest at heart. He can place the right choice in front of our hands but greed and/or distractions can make you go after the largest prize before taking baby steps to realize your dream.

Pray today for you to make the right choices and also pray for me as I get ready to capture the love between another beautiful couple and continue living my dream.

All of the attendees from my workshops this year have changed my life forever...I Love You Guys and Gals...

HOPE! (previous post on hope)



Troy said...

Dude, insane! The image is sick, especially the reflections within the bubbles. Your words are truly eloquent and speak right to my heart. Oftentimes, we allow our decisions to be motivated by the luster of that 'big bubble' and what it appears to offer, instead of being faithful and patient and allowing God's Will to be done. We must learn to be excited about the promise of the 'little bubble.'

smitty said...

Well said Troy! We love you too Brother Ross!!!!! God Bless and thank you for your words of hope and inspiration. Some of us may never make a "business" out of our passion for photography but as you have proved countless times it can be used to bring us happiness and peace as well as being a blessing to others who might cross our paths i.e. my fellow workshop attendees Feb, April, and July :)

Mac said...

hey ross wow Again you have given me alot of food for thought. Thanks alot readying this reminds of my sisters dream to be a doctor. she is a living example of what u said in this blog . she has always had hope and believed that God would make her dream true and now she is in Cuba on the path of making happen . Reading this has me wonder if i am not listening enough to what God is saying to me . I am in pursuit of building a photography with friends. So with some patience we will see where we end up. Thanks for sharing these thoughts with us . I will keep u in Prays

P.S. I hope u don't mind if i send this to my sis encouragement .


Anonymous said...

Ross, once again you've given me the right words & inspiration for this difficult time: God has our best interest at heart. Thank you for reminding me that even though right now feels like h---, I need to take a step back, think through what's happened & take baby steps versus leaping for the largest prize.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Anonymous said...

okay...your thoughts and words! it's ALL good and your sharing, your insight, is ALL GOD! i've got to share this message (after already encouraging others to read this blog...and everything else)! i may have to copy and paste! be assured you've got the credit and the glory goes to Him!

what a word, what a father.
continuous thanks ross.

Anonymous said...

God has truly used you to talk to me today. I visit here daily to see your magnificient work and today's post really touched home.

God Bless you! Beautiful work!

Arlene Hope Photography said...

Satisfied Hope-A celebration in the Knight
by A.Hope Smith

He travels with camera in hand dashing from one scene to the next,
assigned each one as only he can capture.

He persues perfection of atmosphere.
Fixed...He in place...stands balanced.
He stays his course, exacting his subjects until his sketches are recorded.

Fans around him gravitate, strong with interest as
they wait in anticipation
for the completed sculpture.
World wide they gasp at the scene.

and the most lovely light, all grace their presence.

Almost with unified comment...they voice,
regarding the impression.

His students "The Experienced",
all surround him from a far,
with gratitude, tribute & esteem
that they hold for he and his bride.

Each one, from a distance,
with mutual love and support,
they united, let out.... the Big Cheer.
While he works, he still encourages.
While he shoots, he also teaches.

Again we experienced...
yet another satisfied hope,
all celebrated in the Knight.

Teka-Ann Haynes said...


Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing perspective on life! Brilliant!

Darcita said... almost made me cry:)Meeting you and attending your workshop has made a LASTING impact in my life!!! Thank you brother.
ROK Graduate-July 2008

clo said...


Trip to Atlanta? $400

ROK Workshop? $750

My new life long friends??????


I love you back,
thanks for the dedication...

now I have to go work on my bubbles....they look nothing like that!!!!!

Natarsha said...

Thanks sharing that...I needed to hear that!

Unknown said...

I can't thank you enough for your inspiring words. Meeting you and attending your workshop has left a lasting impression on me and my photography. I enter every shoot with a badge of courage. I'm a ROK alumni, I can do this. It's like I have a Ross Angel whispering in my ear, guiding my every moves. I pray for all the attendees continued success in whatever path they choose.

Continue living your dream,