Eye Witness News With KNIGHT, Brandi, Eric and Nadja

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Last night Brandi and I took our friends, Eric and Nadja, out for the evening. You'll remember them from their wedding I shot last year in Barbados. So many Northerners are migrating to the south and this New York couple is contemplating the pros and cons of The Big Peach (Atlanta).

As you know by now the weirdest things happen to me when I am out on the town. It used to only be when I was alone but this time I had backup. This is my Eye Witness News Report (I'll let the others add in the comments section).

KNIGHT's Account:
When we first made it to the hotel to scoop the couple we were driving towards Inman Park. I saw a huge flash of lighting but Brandi thought it was a camera catching someone running a red light. Turns out there was an enormous explosion of a main transformer and all of Inman Park was without power. Totally dark. I am so glad that I canceled reservations to the restaurant we were originally eating at nearby. We enjoyed some good southern cooking at Food 101, debated the complexities of The Real Housewives of Atlanta (?) Reality Show, and then decided to do a small informative tour of the inner city neighborhoods. We weren't prepared for what we would see next.

Just when our conversation turned to how nothing seems to phase New Yorkers in everyday life we saw smoke rising from two blocks ahead of us. As we drove closer it was apparent that a vehicle (BMW...2005 5 Series?) caught fire while in traffic. The car had just been abandoned and there were no cops or fire trucks in sight. Our car quickly turned into Eye Witness News! Brandi called 911 (busy signal or something) and I started putting the camera together. Eric and Nadja played Detectives from the back seat and started spouting details about evidence and the people standing around.

I jumped out of my car with camera in tow and then commenced to shooting. After a few seconds I decided the best way to shoot was to go back to my car, open the sunroof of my SUV, and stand on the driver's seat to get a better angle.

Look at that fire illuminate the street corner!

Since I was blocking everyone's view of the action from the SUV, we drove around the block (safety first - no explosion related injuries please!) and Eric and I jumped back out. Here is Eric pictured below getting a closer look and using my car as a shield. It was so cold outside I don't think anyone felt the heat from the blaze.

Here's the ladies enjoying the scene from the safety and warmth of my car.

The fire fighters finally showed up and tore the hood off the vehicle. No matter how much they tried to bring the fire under control the flames kept emerging from underneath the vehicle. The tires popped and then portions off the car literally melted directly onto the pavement.

After the fireworks we all went to get dessert and recount the evening's events. What a night. Blackout, Dinner, Fire, Dessert!

By the way - Eric wrote a book a few years back. Check it out here.



Mac said...

Nice work detective Knight . Sounds like ya'll had an exciting night

Anonymous said...

Life's an adventure & u're living it - what a night...

clo said...

Hmmm let me seee.
Introducing ROK news! Nice on location shots.... get the ladies some microphones!

KNIGHT said...

Clo - we'll have to see what I can do. We are taking video to the next three international destinations.


Anonymous said...

Wow...what an evening of events. It really pays to have your camera handy because you never know what you'll find.

SBrownART said...

Life in pictures!

I have had a car catch fire, it is a sight to see!

I love the way the women are detecting from the car, that would have been me!


Troy said...

Dude....let me find out you are getting bored with the photography thing. Now, you're interested in fighting fires....? Wow, hope no one got hurt! Firemarshall Ross....let me show you something (remember In Living Color)!

Deewonda said...

Wow, you DO have interesting evenings out! Great images!

I missed my photo opp when, on the way to work, I saw two guys fist fighting in the middle of rush hour traffic during the morning last week.

Decaf, people! Decaf!

Natarsha said...

Wow! What an interesting night with Knight and Friends. I always carry my point and shoot and use the recorder on there every time something goes down...while snapping pics with the other hand. I have become addictive to taping everything.

These images are smokin'hot...haha

Lady A said...

That's why we should be thankful at all times. You don't know what tommorrow may bring. However, what a night!