KNIGHT Internship Opportunity Available!

Friday, March 13, 2009

I am actively searching for two ideal interns to help me with my post production this summer. Although this is a non-paying position, in exchange for your time I will teach you valuable information about the basics of photography and how to run a successful business. If you are a current college student enrolled in a program specializing in Graphics Design or Photography then this is the perfect opportunity for you.


1. Current college student (2 or 4 year program)
2. Advanced knowledge in Photoshop CS3 or higher/Lightroom 2.2/Adobe ID and AI
3. Willing to travel and have a valid U.S. Passport
4. No photography business owners or professionals need apply

If you are interested, send us one paragraph ( about your future plans in photography and why you want to intern with us. Summarize your current studies and photographic skills. A select group will be sent formal applications along with more information regarding the program.


Ross Oscar Knight Photography Destination Wedding Photographers



Kim said...

What a cool op.. I wish I could apply. I'm already blessed to be employed. I hope you find a good intern.

Anonymous said...

What a great opportunity for college students, especially in this environment. They have the opportunity to learn from a true Master! I can only imagine the breadth of the education they're going to receive from you, Ross. Congrats in advance to the lucky individuals.

brran1 said...

This sounds like something i'd definitely be interested in, but I only meet 3 of the 4 requirements. Oh well. Good Luck to all that apply!

Deewonda said...

Dang I wish I could apply...!!!

Ann said...

I wished I could apply. I love your work but not only do I not have any of the background I am a continent away. Damn!

Beez said...

Hi, I'm a long time watcher, first time poster. I know someone in school for photography, and was wondering if there was a deadline. It sounds like an amazing opportunity- I'll send him this info.