The ROK30 - Ross Oscar Knight Turns 30 (and spills the beans...)

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I'm taking the day off today for my 30th! Brandi had a surprise party for me last Friday since I have a wedding this weekend and I need to focus. She had a cake made that was a replica of my Canon 5D camera. What an incredible wife!! I couldn't figure out where to cut first (decided on the lens).

Since photography is also my hobby, don't be shocked if you see me downtown sitting out in the park or on the sidewalk in my wine barrel chair reading a recent photo magazine.

Now on to spilling the beans. Since I never completed that Facebook crazed Top 25 Things, I've decided to list 30 things that you may not know about me.

1. I sleep surrounded by 3 pillows like I've built my own little fort.

2. I was born with blond hair, then it turned red, then it turned brown, then I developed a receding hair line at the age of 13.

3. I am a fierce competitor but I keep it disguised until I have you cornered.

4. I cut hair in the Morehouse College dorms to get through college and I still cut my hair today. I started cutting my own hair when I was young b/c I couldn't get my parents to take me to the barber when I wanted.

5. I fell off of a pull-up bar when I was 11 and almost cracked my head open. It was a really bad sight. I also broke my left arm and continued playing the trombone for a week without a cast.

6. My first car was a Nissan 200SX and the license plate read - KNIGHT Rider. I even had a red LED strobe light just like the car KITT from the show.

7. I keep half of my closet in my car and then empty it every two weeks.

8. I love dried fruit and mostly anything that has a sweet/sour taste.

9. I really want a dog. Like yesterday. When can I get my dog???

10. I can open most electronic devices and figure out how they are wired and then use tools in the basement from my Georgia Tech days to fix them.

11. I've been in a tornado before - Ohio 1999. One of the scariest experiences of my life.

12. I get lost on purpose so that I can learn new and exciting things about a city. It hasn't always turned out in my favor when entering a "protected" area - enough said.

13. I don't like the sound of phones ringing so I keep all my cell phones on vibrate.

14. Walking through IKEA makes me dizzy. If there were no arrows I would be a nervous wreck.

15. I have an obsession with t-shirts and comfortable sneakers. My favorite sneakers are Golas and Pumas.

16. I don't like chain restaurants and after watching Top Chef/Hell's Kitchen for several seasons, I tend to view suspect looking food totally different.

17. I stuttered when I was in grade school then I ended up in a magnet program for middle and high school.

18. I learned to swim while trying to survive drowning twice. Once at a party and the other time in a large creek.

19. I only like to hold children after they can say at least say 4 - 5 words. I guess that will have to change in a few years.

20. I can still communicate with my best friend through a secret language we made up when we were young.

21. I absolutely dislike clutter but I live in it!

22. I ate so much sugar growing up that I lost my taste for desserts.

23. I think I could have my own reality show because I experience the craziest things every day that people would find hilarious.

24. I read manuals to appliances on planes for fun and then figure out how to tweak them on my own!?

25. I love eating on outdoor patios and I have a dream of opening a bistro with an amazing terrace.

26. I used to paint on canvas to express my emotions.

27. I had the same television since high school up until last month!

28. I have never gone skiing and it is one thing that I want to mark off of my list (8 years and counting).

29. I rock back and forth like my dad when I am contemplating decisions.

30. I refuse to let others determine my destiny.


I know that my life is in God's hands. I've been blessed with 30 unbelievable years to meet thousands of people and to experience this world. When I look at the box that frames me below, I am happy to know that I have only seen that little of what God has in store for my life. This gives me reassurance that waking up every day with praise on my lips and joy in my heart will continue to allow me to grow. Like the arrow in the IKEA pic mentioned above, I pray that God directs my path and keeps me moving forward so I can fulfill my destiny.

Have a good day and hopefully you learned at least one thing you didn't know about me before!


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Unknown said...

Happy Birhtday Ross!

Create Me Papered said...

Wonderful! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy this day, your born day!

TL said...

Happy Birthday Homie!

Come to CO and we'll take you skiing ;) Even put you up on our comfy couch and borrow our dog. :D

e.p.visions said...

Happy b-day ROK. Continue to be an inspiration to all that follow your blog and work.

HRenaissance said...

Happy, happy Birthday!

I read from Joel Chapter 2 today, and verses 23-27 would be so appropriate for you. I know God still has so much more to do in and through you and your best days are still ahead of you!

@ #13...thank God I'm not the only one. I can't find a ring tone I like and my phone when I had one stayed on vibrate for almost 3 years straight. Drove my Mom nuts but at least I know I'm not a weirdo!

Stefanie said...

Happy Birthday Knight Rider! I enjoyed reading this blog! I agree - getting yourself lost is the best way to explore a city! I never need a map (but always have the Garmin as a backup... I got REALLY lost before... haha).

Rock on Ross!

Sherrell said...

I learned some things about you and I'm your SISTER!!! Have a Happy 30th.

DreamCatalyst said...

Happy 30! Looking forward to 60 and then 90!

Kim said...

That's so cool! Can we see pictures of the cake?

GRITS said...

Happy B-Day KNIGHT, and may you have many more. I enjoy reading your blog, and you are truely inspirational. Hats off to Bran for being your right hand.

Darcita said...

Hey BR...I love the self portrait:) Thnks for sharing more of yourself..on this special day:) and yes.. I want to see the pic of the cake too!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!

smitty said...

Thanks for sharing Ross! Happy Birthday and God Bless you!


Mac said...

Hey Ross Happy Birthday :) , BIG 30 Sweet , hope to see that age . You hair is really red in that pic in the frame, lol . Love the pic of your cake that's nice . Just to let you know that u have been a great inspiration for me as a young photographer looking to accomplish some of the things that you have already accomplished. I look at this blog very day sometimes more than that in one day . So keep doing what your doing cause your keeping me inspired and driven. Your are my FAVORITE Photographer . Thanks Ross

Blessing and Appreciation
Mia (Bim)

Vette said...

WWwwwwoooowwww ... speechless. Happy B-Day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Born Day Ross and many returns of the day. I love your list. It's funny, I did a similar thing.... set 32 goals to accomplish before my 33rd birthday. I have 7 months and 12 days to accomplish.

Wishing you all the best,
Lady Bleu

Lady A said...

Happy, happy birthday. Yup, learned something new about you. You will get the dog's coming...ruff!

Kia said...

Happy birthday! I want to see the cake too.

kmr said...

Happy Birthday. I want to see the cake. If you have pics.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing! #28: was a dream of mine as well. became a reality in January. It was the most liberating feeling I've experienced thus far in life. You'll have a blast!

Anonymous said...

Happy 30th! My friends and I all turn 30 this year also. The 30's are a new adventure!

clo said...

I love those reflections!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed your day. Did you take a picture of the cake? I want to see it.

Love yall!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! 30 is just the begining...the tip of the iceberg....still alot more to conquer! You are def on the right path with God on your side!

Errrr...Dude....#16!! I just ate a wierd looking Shrimp Cake Stuff from some resturant! Oy! Vey!


Anonymous said...

What a great post! Happy Birthday!!

(JIN) Love, Loss & Lacquer said...

Happy belated birthday

Rae said...

Happy Birthday Mr. Knight. You are always so inspirational in your "reflective" posts and as always I really appreciate you sharing your life. May you and Brandy be abundantly Blessed!

Jill said...

Wow!! Numbers 13, 14, and 28 are me totally!!! You've got to be my brother from another mother--lol. Happy Birthday, Bru.

Troy said...

That was hot dude! Real hot..! Keep doing your thing! Be blessed and can't wait for what the next 30will bring you....and us, your captivated audience...LOL!

P.S. You were right about that wife of amazing woman! God hooked you up, brother! Like we discussed...get that dog! Next to Brandi, it'll be the best decision you ever, you'll need the practice...LOL!


Troy said...

P.S.S That cake was off da' hook (ooh, should I be writing this....LOL)!!

Eliana@BYSE said...

Happy birthday Ross! Wishing you many many more.

Xiomara said...

I just wanted to let you know how much of an inspiration you are to me. I aspire to be just as great. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, your work, and your knowledge!!

HollyB from MD said...

I learned some cool things about you Ross! Thanks for sharing. Happy Belated. You gotta share a picture of your cake...

Naijadiva said...

# 6... ROFL.....

Have a blessed birthday Ross!!!!

Lisa M. McGainey said...

Happy Belated! Boys will be boys. That's all I say. And #6: STOP IT!!