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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fact #1 - I've only placed one paid advertisement in a magazine the entire time I have been shooting. That's because I receive over 95% of my business by word of mouth.

Fact #2 - My documentary style was developed as a child when I wanted people to see what I could not explain verbally.

Fact #3 - My passion to document my subjects' true personalities comes from my love for all of God's wonderful creations.

Three weeks ago I was down in Naples to shoot the Indian/American fusion ceremony of Jordan and Ritu. What I really love about this couple is that they chose me to be their wedding photographer...

1. Based on a referral from a friend

2. Based on my documentary style

3. Based on my intense passion

Both Jordan and Ritu made it a clear point to emphasize this during our initial phone conversation and also when I met them in person at the first ceremony (Sangeet).

Not once during my three days in Naples did the couple motion for me to take a single photograph. Instead, they put their entire trust in me and my talent. I can recall Ritu saying - "Just do what you do best! We'll leave you alone." And do my best I did. It is always a joy to shoot for clients that understand my artistry and give me room to be a silent witness as I shoot.

The wedding was at the beautiful Ritz Carlton Resort in Naples. After only 15 - 20 minutes (love this!) of pre-wedding formals with both families, we had to move the ceremony inside because of the rain. The clouds didn't change how ultimately emotional this public union of marriage became. There were tears flowing everywhere. I was most impressed with the set up of the reception. The floral displays were hanging from the ceiling and pin lights were used to illuminate the flowers and the tables. Very intimate and totally unique.

The upcoming slideshow will show you much more about the wedding. For now, I hope you enjoy the pics that I've posted below.


Ross Oscar Knight Photography Destination Wedding Photographers

Grapes from the fruit tray used as props.
The flower girl was totally cute.
Ritu wore some amazing jewelry. I shot jewelry only shots for like 15 minutes.
Ritu's sisters helped her get ready.
Jordan folding the pocket square just right.
Ritu's sister admiring her as she finished getting ready.
Finishing touches.

Jordan arrived from the golf resort 5 miles away for his formals.
Ritu waiting before she and Jordan meet for the first time.

The first glance.

Ritu won this contest thanks to her brother-in-law.
Ritu's family was able to steal Jordan's shoes first. The negotiation to get them back was hilarious.
This was an amazing reception. The details really do matter.

The candle light was enough to capture shots of some of the guests.. This is Ritu's friend who was with her when she met Jordan for the first time.

Ritu's dad had great moves.



Nee said...

You know I just had to check if these pics were up...They're absolutely amazing as usual. My faves would be the first one--jelly beans? how cute!!...and the little girl in the next pic is even cuter!-Lastly..the bride on the ledge while her hubby stands, is stunning. Congrats to the newlyweds!!:)

Unknown said...

Love the way you capture the essence of their culture. Great work as always!

Unknown said...

Ross, these are so great! I love all the pics of our family and friends. Thanks so much for just doin' your thing.

KNIGHT said...

Ritu - It was my pleasure to shoot your wedding. I am looking forward to you seeing the rest of the pics!

Nee - You are going to make a beautiful bride. I can't wait to shoot your wedding this year and our trip to India!


Thembekile said...

Wow, this was different and brill.

Raschelle said...

This is different, your first Hindu wedding? Beautiful detail shots. A truly unique way to showcase the wedding rings. I expect to see that composition duplicated on other sites. ;)


Deitra said...

Your passion and sense of excellence, as well as your photojournalistic style, STILL takes my breath away!!

Michel said...

Amazingly Beautiful!!

Lydia said...

wow this is amazing. I absolutely love the detail, great work.

Alesia the Blogging Diva said...

OMG, these are amazing!!! Ross you are truly gifted, and I for one am happy you walked into your gift.

Feebie said...

Pictures are so beautiful. I plan to refer you to all of my friends!

Angel said...

As always these photos are beautiful. You never cease to amaze me. Congrats to the beautiful couple, your wedding was gorgeous.

Arlene Hope Photography said...

So lovely, each one!

michelle reaves said...

if...WHEN i'm blessed to hire a wedding photographer, i want you. plain & simple. a wedding is too special of a life event to leave your photographic memories to just anybody. you photograph a wedding as if it were your own. i only hope that my clients can see that i do the same for them. i can see that your heart is totally in your work and you must constantly develop your gift thru workshops and training from none other than the world's best, as i plan to. first stop for me is a ross oscar knight workshop and the journey to developing the gift is a never-ending, life-changing, life-enhancing voyage!!! ross oscar knight, will you BE MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER? (no prospects for a hubby yet, but i have faith!)

Naijadiva said...

The colors are amazing!!!.. How did you get that picture with the table with the centerpiece above it..It looks like it's floating!