Ashley + Anna Beth | Savannah, GA - Part I

Friday, August 14, 2009

For almost 2 years Anna Beth has worked as my studio manager. She answers client inquiries, designs albums, and keeps me in line by scheduling my calendar. We've also become pretty good friends so it was really special when Ashley first asked me to photograph his surprise proposal to Anna last year. For the wedding this July I was expecting to get an invitation and then take a back seat to witness all of the action while one of our photographer friends documented the event. Again, I was honored when Anna Beth scheduled a meeting for the two of us and told me that she didn't want anyone else to shoot her wedding except for me!

Anna's a very classy woman and she knows how to put just the right details together with a modern twist. For the ceremony and reception she selected the Mansion Hotel at Forsyth Park. Its a photographers dream to shoot at this place. If you've never been there its totally worth checking out or even booking a room for a few nights. I'm ready to go back! Tempest Bleu provided the day of planning services and they did a great job tying together the loose ends and keeping track of us all over the hotel.

I told you in my previous post that I fought off tears several times seeing this beautiful young lady taking the plunge. Professionalism prevailed so check out the images below and I'll explain more about some of the events. To view the earlier posted images click here.


Ross Oscar Knight Destination Wedding Photographers

Ashley's dad helped him get dressed. And all of the guys were on time Anna!

Anna Beth's bridesmaids were great emotional support the entire day.

Anna Beth's brothers putting on finishing touches.

I caught this emotional moment after mom put on the veil.

Ashley, his, dad and brothers portrait in the wine cellar where all of the guys got dressed. I've gotta have one of these when I build my own house.

The couple's english bulldog, Hefner, was the ring bearer. He wore a doggy tux.

Anna Beth did silhouettes for all of her bridesmaids.

Ashley and his groomsmen were totally cool at the bar.

We scheduled enough time for me to be creative so I took the bride and her ladies off property for a stroll in the park.

The couple exchanged gifts (watches) and Ashley wrote Anna a letter from his heart.

This was the entrance to the ceremony.

Anna's dad presented her with a cotton bouquet that she asked for when she was a little girl.

Like mother like daughter. Check out the eyes.

The aisle was decorated with candles and flowers. I wanted to keep the couple in view while documenting these details.

Three violinist and one guitar player provided the music for the ceremony.
Ashley's mom and Brandi's new BFF was quite dazzling and beamed the entire day. After all, it was her birthday! During the reception she was presented with her own mini cake.

I think the tent was phenomenal. Not only did it reflect light perfectly but the chandelier hanging added the right touch for a simple but elegant look.

The grandmothers were presented with handkerchiefs before the wedding. The couple wrote their own vows and more handkerchiefs were needed.

This image of the wedding party almost ended with a few people tripping - oh no! Still fun though.

The couple's close friend (right), Al, was the minister that married them. Caught this sneaky moment.
Stay tuned for more in just a sec.



e.p.visions said...

Very nice.Love the dog picture.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love that tent shot!

Unknown said...

eeeekkkk! you are too amazing! tear! :)- Anna Beth

Simi said...

Wow Ross, sooooo amazing these shots are! Loverly, wow, wow, wow, I can totally see heart here! TOTALLY COOL... I am waiting!

Mac said...

Beautiful............ lost for words

Eric & Carolyn said...

Anna Beth, we love the Heffner pic and seeing how your Mom looks at you in that one shot.

Arlene Hope Photography said...

Wow, Anna Beth, look stunning!
Simply stunning.