Ashley + Anna Beth | Savannah, GA - Part II

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Here is part two of the wedding post..

Oh yeah, if you missed the ceremony pics check this link from a few days ago.


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I couldn't decide which ring shot to post so here is the second. Anna and I fought over this one so let us know which one you like best. If you click on the image below you will see the expanded version.

I mixed the color temperatures to accentuate the mood.

I found the perfect table and window for this shot in the restaurant.

Since I had two other photographers I was able to be with the couple every step of the way.

After the ceremony the couple had some alone time down in the spa. I followed (Oh my)! I set up a radio triggered flash in the background to create the burst of light you see. I didn't have an assistant or a stand so I used the groom's shoe as an impromptu support socket.

The couple took a quick breather before joining their guest at the reception.

Anna did custom silhouettes herself of she and Ashely for the candles along with their initial.

The candy buffet, jars of honey for wedding favors, and XBOX groom cake were all a hit!

I love it when my clients understand that lighting variations bring so much character to a room. The live band jammed the whole night.

I've never seen these two smile so much. While I was shooting the first dance I kept putting my camera down to admire the love.
Once a guest noticed I was slacking on the job I got back to business....

The adoration for Ashley and Anna Beth can be summed up with the look on the guests' faces.

Anna Beth is a daddy's girl and thats pretty much all I can say. Her father belted a few notes here.

Other couples in the room had to reaffirm their commitment to that special someone. I know I did.

I saw this coming and I was going to warn Ashley but then I thought, naaah. Just let him have it!
The couple had a silhouette artist on hand to draw their guests' portraits. Once the portraits were finished (less than 2 minutes) one copy was matted and given to the guest as a momento while the other copy was used to create a guest book that was signed by the guests. Hope you understood that...if not call the office and talk to Anna.

Let the party begin! There is so much more but you'll have to wait for the slide show. I gave you 40 pictures already!

After a long day and night of shooting the KNIGHT team got together for a quick snap shot.



Tunji Sarumi Photography said...

Last pic is just awesome

Joe said...

Life is good pally, life is good. Beautiful work as always. The day is drawing nigh when I'll call for the consult...

Anonymous said...

I like the second picture (the one visible on the page). It allows more focus on the rings themselves.

Darcita said...

Absolutely stunning...! I am speechless.. it was just breathtaking:) Can't wait for you to shoot mine:)

Darcita said...

P.S. I like the first shot. Very creative and original.

kmr said...

I like the the image of the rings with the statue. That is crazy.

Simi said...

Stunning like Darcie said! Wow, wow, wow, wow! Hey can I jump in front of Darcie in line for you to shoot my wedding?

Mac said...

Beautiful just beautiful . I like the ring shot on the statue .

Unknown said...

Great stuff as always. You guys ROK!

deezeebee68 said...

Very nice pictures. I like the statue with the rings.