I Love the Fashion at Nigerian Weddings

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Recently, I shot a Nigerian wedding and the fashion sense of the wedding party and guests was outstanding. Check out some of the head-wraps ("Gele" in Yoruba). The wedding was so colorful and I had immense fun capturing every moment. I almost have the blog entry together but this just caught my eye.


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1i_Studios said...

Amazing image, Ross! Each head-wrap is as beautiful and unique as the woman wearing it.

Darcita said...

Divas indeed! Love the colours:)

Anonymous said...

i agree with 1i_studios. looks like something we may see more of with knight goes to africa.

looking forward to more.


kmr said...

You are so right. There is nothing like it. If somebody would just show me how it is done. I can not figure it out for the life of me.


Arlene Hope Photography said...

Always loved the head wraps!
Great shots Ross.
See Ya'll soon!


Good Naija Girl said...

I'm Yoruba and I cannot wait to see the rest of the pictures from this wedding!

Lovely shots of the geles, Ross!

Yẹmisi Adékuoyé said...

in general, the wife's family picks a color and the husband's family picks another one and that is what people pick as the colors of their geles depending on who they are a guest of...it is called aso ebi.
alot of people also try to compete as to whose gele will be the 'skyscraper' of them all!!! it's a lot of fun!!

Wes and Rae Leytham said...

I am so envious of the beautiful people and things and all the color you get to capture! I love looking at your blog!! --rae

Naijadiva said...

Thank you for showing our beautiful geles. I cant wait to see the Africa trip pics!!!

Simi said...

Hey Ross, Not sure how I missed this blog but I am a huge fan of Gele's. Hmmm... I should plan to wear one to church next week. Great capture here Ross!

Lady A said...

How did I miss this post?! lol!
Anything dealing with Ghana, Nigeria, and Indian weddings, I'm all eyes! Hope to see more.