KNIGHT + India + Photojournalism (Day Two)

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hello again from India. I still haven't adjusted to the time so sleeping properly has not been that easy. We have a few days until the wedding so I am continuing my adventures outdoors. My Jungle Juice Repellent (99% DEET) and UV blocker hat from REI Outdoor Store are serving me well.

Today I visited the Bay of Bengal and walked the surrounding area. While I waited in line for water I saw this young lady (above) upset that she was denied the candy she had so confidently confiscated from a shelf taller than she. I couldn't resist releasing the shutter at least ten times to cover the fiasco.

I ate at a restaurant not that far away and when we entered the building we were immediately asked whether we wanted to sit in the a/c portion or not. It cost more to stay cool while you dine. We opted for the air and I chose to order the traditional Southern Indian sampler meal.

The food was very tasty and I was given a treat at the end! A sweet banana and a betel nut. to aide in digestion. I started eating with a fork and spoon but soon after switched to using my hands like everyone else.

I continue to learn more about the culture and rules here. For one, you're not supposed to use your left hand while eating. Or really anything for that matter. Also, there are no rules for driving. Absolutely none at all. Well, there are signs and lights that I have observed but as long as you keep driving in a forward direction and not stopping for randomness then you're fine. I don't personally know any one of my friends that would survive the freeway. And just try to cross the street as a pedestrian and pray that some miracle will happen and you make it to the other side alive!

After I walked down to the water I was approached by seven young boys. I had been checking out their resting place near some docked boats for several minutes thinking how sorry I was for leaving my telephoto lens back at the hotel. It seems that most people I have met or passed on the street are interested in my camera. Every once in a while I hear someone call out "Photographer! Over here.." I've been working tirelessly to keep my subjects "camera unaware." I just want to observe and shoot as if I am peering through the tiny holes of a window. I enjoy interaction but for this trip I want to work on my elusive skills and creativity.

With that said, after meeting the handsome crew of fellas I settled on the fact that sometimes the best picture comes and stares you right in the face.


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kgt said...

Love this post, love the stories behind and whats going on there -love the picture too (food, umm)

Anonymous said...

Just all that comes to mind when looking at your work. simply awesome

Brandi Brandon Knight said...

The pics look great babe. I'm so happy that you are enjoying yourself there. Have a great time for me too!

Mac said...

Wow Ross sounds like ur having an adventure down . Food photo looks nice . Keep safe

Simi said...

This is just amazing the photos and the story make me feel like I am in the middle of it all! Great stuff Ross!

Rob Munroe said...

Cool images Ross, you probably drew just as much attention as you camera when people noticed you weren't from there. LOL

Anonymous said...

personality! thanks for the taking us on the journey. be safe & enjoy ross. looking forward to the next posts.

: - )

Kim said...

The colors in the food photo are gorgeous.