Charleston, SC Workshop Preview - Building Community Through Photography

Sunday, September 27, 2009

We're getting ready to head back to Atlanta from Charleston. Our Photojournalism Challenge and Building Community Through Photography Project were wildly successful! We blessed two lucky couples with free Engagement Sessions - Gary + Mary and Demetrius + Sasha. You can read more about their stories and challenges in this earlier post. Check out the preview images below and I will try to get the students' images together within the next week or so for a comprehensive re-cap of the past two days.

I'd like to give a special thanks to Sonia from one of our workshops last year who couldn't make the trip but surprised us with a beautiful fruit display delivered to the hotel!


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Krystal Hawkins said...

Beautiful! I love the use of color and the way you capture the evident chemistry between the couples.

Anonymous said...

He Blessed you so you could be a Blessing to others... and that you are! I love the images Ross! My favorite is "The Kiss"! ROK On!

R E U said...

Nice photo's, luv your work, looking forward to more

Anonymous said...

Lovely couples. With God nothing is impossible. So glad that everything worked according to plan for the workshop and the participants. Safe travels to all in returning home. Look forward to seeing more of the beautiful moments in pictures that were taken throughout the weekend.
Peace and Blessings!

Unknown said...

Color wins again! You captured the beauty of downtown Charleston (still a favorite spot to visit, though I'm glad not to live there anymore), and I love the way that clothing colors and good natural lighting brought out the beauty in each subject's skin tones. Great work!

Sonia said...

Just wanted you guys to know I was thinking about ya. I know the weekend was an absolute blessing to the couples and the partcipants as well.

These shots are great--can't wait to see more!

Erika Ward said...

I heard of your competition from Katlyne Hill! What a great way to pay it forward! This photos are amazing (as is all of your work)...Take Good Care!