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Friday, September 4, 2009

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I've been on the road for a few weeks now and I still have some trips planned for the rest of the year. Its popular now to get married all year long so there is no true wedding season anymore. At least not for me. Once you embark on creating a photography business with a diverse portfolio you quickly realize that people tie the knot anytime and anywhere. While I was traveling on the last plane back to Atlanta I started doodling in one of my many composition notebooks. That's how I pass the time when I can't sleep from the roar of the engine or the person sitting next to me. I began sketching images from previous weddings. For me, this year some of the photos have been like dreams made out of reality. I'm not trying to toot my horn here I am thinking of how great God has been to me. To allow me to witness so much in such a relatively short time on this earth.

There's only four months left in 2009 and I pray that my talent will continue to nourish my imagination as I document the love stories of my clients.


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Anonymous said...

welcome back ross. so glad all is well. gotta say i'm glad you have blog archives too. just as love and weddings, your messages - the words and the photos - are always in season.

continued blessings.
continued blogging.
: - )


Darcita said...

Amen! I was wondering where you were these days! Good to know that the Lord has protected you too! Thanks for being a part of my daily routine:)

Arlene Hope Photography said...

It has been a joy for us too Ross. You have given us glimpses of life we would never have experienced, not having gone to those places ourselves. You have carried many thousands with you each time you share these views. May genuine friendship, cherished family love and all the prayers we can muster, be ever with you as your eyes touch these distant lands.

We thank God with you.

1i_Studios said...

WOW, Ross...just reading that made me tired! LOL God is SOOOO good! I have taken somewhat of a hiatus from my photography to complete my MBA...DONE in December 2009! But I can feel the stirring and longing of my heart to make awesome memories for people...I want to do something different...better than I have in the past. Keep going, my brother...God has blessed you withAMAZING talent! Keep on giving; your return will be great. Blessings to you and Dr. Mrs. Knight!

Collins said...

I see ya in the biz class seat! LOL

clo said...

You will continue ti flourish for the rest of this year and beyond! God has His hand all over you! I thank you and Him for the inspiration you bring...

Simi said...

Liking the self portrait shots! Ever thought of creating a self portrait project to document you in all the locations that you travel to?

Will keep your talent in my prayers.

You do like to travel and it sounds like the Lord has worked it all out.

krw said...

I'm surprised you don't have one of those doppler icon on you blog to show where you're going, where you've been.

Deewonda said...

What an amazing year for you, Ross! To whom much is given, much is required -- sometimes out of the country!! Keep on keeping on! Blessings!!