Evaluating My Priorities (Why I Haven't Published My 2009 Goals)

Friday, November 13, 2009


I'll explain the list above shortly.

If you have followed my blog for the past 3 years then you know that I typically keep up with my goals quarterly by publishing them to my blog. I call it "Keeping Me Honest." Its part of my 'write the vision and make it plain' belief. For all of 2009 my posts on goals have been noticeably missing. Why?? I have not been moved to publish them due to some issues I needed to address.

I do believe that God has blessed me with an uncanny ability to capture special moments in the lives of people with my camera. Even more, He has blessed me with an insatiable desire and gift to connect with people on a personal level. Most people can sense if your spirit is warm and inviting. I strive every day to use my talents and gifts to bring glory to my creator and to enrich the lives of my clients and readers.

What happens when you think that everything is going just great? What happens when it seems like life couldn't be any better? As a creative person with a need for structure (engineer turned photographer) I find that I can quickly snap out of a raging snafu to make rational sense of a situation. But what happens when it seems that you have everything figured out? You become the problem because You become too comfortable and start depending too much on You.

After some serious praying and a trip with no photo shoots to worry about I determined that my life was an ordered mess! One thing I promised myself when creating my business was that it would never rule my life. And it still doesn't. However, recently I did determine that my love for my career and thirst to excel was taking a toll on what is truly important in my life. I express in my workshops and career counseling sessions that one of the major reasons for my success is my willingness to work harder than most people I know and engineer unimaginable tactical plans. I am a self motivated person.

Although I consider myself to be humble, as I prayed there was a scripture I remember from my youth that continued to surface in my spirit. Proverbs 3: 5 - 6 Trust in the Lord with all of your heart and lean not to your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.

When I sat in my hotel room and started writing out the order of my life, I realized that the business had taken front seat and I knew that things had to change. I didn't make this decision because I felt that I was burning out. There are times when I feel like I have more energy than ever. Rather, this change was to ensure I am fulfilling my destiny in an order that gives all credit to Whom my blessings come from.


I don't always do New Year's resolutions but a few weeks ago on Facebook I made a statement that I think about every day. "No more excuses...just achieve the fullest that life has to offer. I'm on my grind to take my family and business to the next level."

With God's help and your continued prayers I know that I will make it there.


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Troy said...

Dude...I'm at a loss for words! And that, as you know, doesn't happen easily! Excellent post! Thanks for the re-affirmation! Stay blessed!!

o said...

AMEN to that! It is so easy to get caught up in life that we don't realize some things have gotten out of order. I thank God for the person who recognizes what's not right in their situation(s), and repent. God is looking for those who have a perfect heart (2Chronicles 16:9).
"Change isn't change until you change." --Creflo Dollar

Anonymous said...


mocha1 said...

This was on point stay blessed.

Darcita said...

Amen! I had to do the same and RE-Jesus myself this week. Be encouraged... you listened to the leading of the spirit before you got too comfortable. This walk isn't easy, but it's easier because of who is walking with you:)

Anonymous said...

ross, thank you, thank you, thank you. i'm grateful that you noted the noticeable. i'm glad that He continues to in-able you to take action under His guidance. i'm appreciative of you're willingness to share...and be a blessing to me and others.

may you, brandi, and the rest of your family continue to be blessed in this season and beyond.

: - )

Anonymous said...

How wonderful to know that we need not worry, but TRUST IN THE LORD WITH ALL OUR HEART AND LEAN NOT TO OUR OWN UNDERSTANDING. Each day brings us a new promise of what GOD has in store for us. What a compelling post that will bring assurance to those who may need the blessings of your words (including myself). Just Wonderful.

May you and yours be beautifully blessed.

Peace and Blessings!

Coretta said...

Once again, another reason why I so admire how you do what you do. Thank the Lord for wisdom, knowledge, discernment. God is good!

Anonymous said...

WOW!! You did it again. Great post.


Z said...

Prayers and blessings as you continue to grow and put your trust in Him!!! You are an encouragement and a blessing to so many. Your honesty and openness is so appreciated. Thank you for sharing!
Jer. 29:11-14 Matt. 6:24-34

Unknown said...

Amen, my brother! As always, you have shown me greatness through the love of God. May He continue to bless you and yours.

L. Tillis said...

Faith First! That's my email address! I believe you are doing exactly what God has intended you to do. Your business is cutting edge, creative and your passion. You ARE doing next level living. Enjoy your wife, family and blessings! Be encouraged!!

1i_Studios said...

Ross, thanks for the reminder about WHO and WHAT needs to be our first priority: Jesus and our relationship with Him! "Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you." The Lord spoke to me last night, reminding me that my camera is an instrument and He wants me to play it like a great musician plays his instrument. I will complete my MBA in just a few weeks and I cannot wait to begin to re-energize my business. Thank you for your wisdom beyond your years and your encouragement (through your blog and your work) to rise above the mediocre and achieve what many may think is impossible!

Anonymous said...

Truly truly awesome. Thanks for the reminder to the order of our life. God must be centered.

Wifeof1Momof4 said...

Great post! Great reorganization! God WILL bless you and your family!

Renee said...

Amen! You just preached the Word that I think God is saying to all of His children at this time. Blessing to you as you re-organize your life to glorify God .

Throwing $50.00 at your feet and handling you a towel and a bottle of water :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ross,
I come to your blog often to view your Excellent talent. But I really read and re-read the blogs that you write about your inspiration from God. These inspire me so much (because photography is new to me) but because I believe like you do that we must be mindful of who (GOD) gives us the blessings and the initiative to strive for a better life.

Keep up the work and I am really proud that you acknowledge GOD first!


Charliebaltimore said...

Hello and God bless you Mr. Ross. I remember receiving a call from a friend of mine at approximately 10 PM at night around 2 years ago,(I am a single young lady waiting on God to send my Boaz). I was in bed just about sleep and she was shouting "you have to open the e-mail that I just sent to you." I kept asking why (I was tired & didn't want to get out of bed :)... so I picked up my laptop and proceed to open this e-mail. When I opened the e-mail there was a link to your web-site. It directed me to the proposal slide show that you had done for a couple where the young man moved in with a relative to save money to be able to have this beautiful & romantic wedding proposal for his girlfriend. I believe the hotel was the Ritz and he had what appeared to be his "brothers" and her "sisters" in each room. Oh my God!!! Mr. Ross,God used your creativity and talent to give me a renewed hope that romance, true love and real men DO exist. The enemy (satan) tries to discourage us and make us believe that our hopes and dreams will not come to pass. But as I sat there and laughed, cried and awed at the lovely pictures, the creative ways that you caught sly moments and the love that flowed from the couple, your work made me feel as though I was right there in each room, crying with each person feeling the anticipation as she was lead down the hall to enter each room. YOU ARE SIMPLY FABULOUS!!! At 10:45PM, I was calling each of my 5 single friends to tell them to open the e-mail that I was sending them with your link (lol). Mr. Ross, you have been hand selected by God to restore hope, courage, and a sense of expectation to people. Whether it's through a personal encounter, through your blogs, your face Book page, or even your web-site. Please know that satan is so trying to keep you distracted by presenting life's trials and situations before you and trying to make you loose focus. But you are so inspiring to many those that desire marriage (like me) those who desire to be awesome photographers, and those that are just blessed to see God using a young man to the utmost degree. You are an icon to many. You are God's chosen vessel. Know that your trials are making you a stronger soldier for the Kingdom. Know that when you live God, talk God and believe God, you are on the devil's hit list. So keep your eyes on the Lord and He will keep you on task! Know that even your photo shoots are "assignments" sent from God. That's why you are able to identify with the warmth of people's spirits. When business seems to "slow down" refer to it as time that God wants to spend with you. Because sometimes we can get very "busy" and become complacent and God has to redirect us. If you keep God first in all that you do, you will continue to prosper. Thank you so much for the renewed strength that you provide to me as I continue to wait on my Boaz. You are right where God needs you to be! Be encouraged my brother, the best is yet to come!!!!

Lady Titus said...

Hey Cuz,
I thank God that He never allows us to get so far that we don't hear Him. We Miss you and Brandi her In P.G. I pray that you will always keep Him the center of your life. Isn't it so like God to let us live our life, then show us what's missing, because We have lose sight of the Original plan for our Lives. He's Plan. Wow God is so Great.

toiahg357@yahoo.com said...

Excellent. May your journey of growth and understanding continue to bloom and produce fruit your life. You are an inspiriation. Thank you!

SBrownART said...

Amen my brother!


SBrownART said...

Amen my brother!